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Were your SEO rankings impacted by Google’s June 2021 Page Experience or algorithm updates? Confused by all the Core Web Vitals and page speed jargon? Here’s information on our Page Experience Optimisation service, designed to help boost the performance of your web pages and your SEO & Google Ads campaigns:

What is Google’s Page Experience Update? 

Google announced the roll out of its Page Experience signals, as an important ranking factor, from mid June 2021

Google said on Twitter “the page experience update is now slowly rolling out. It will be complete by the end of August 2021.” 

What are page experience signals? 

Ultimately, Google wants to rank pages that help users find what they are looking for, quickly.

Page experience is a set of signals used by Google to measure the users’ experience of a web page.

The two key Page Experience signals are:

  • Core Web Vitals (mobile page loading performance, interactivity and visual stability).
  • How mobile-friendly a page is.

Bottom line, if your pages do not provide an awesome user experience, then expect your SEO rankings & Google Ads performance to be impacted.

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Does page speed really matter?

Would it matter if your customer service was slow to respond or customers could not find what they are looking for in your store?Research by Google highlights If people have a negative experience on mobile, they’re 62% less likely to purchase from you, ever! For years, Google has been warning websites they need to load quicker, as a fast loading site helps users find what they are looking for, which correlates to better conversion to sales rates, better SEO rankings and better return on investment with your paid search marketingcampaigns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The two main Page Experience signals used by Google are Core Web Vitals (which assess mobile page loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability) and mobile-friendliness. These signals help Google measure userS experience of a web page and play a crucial role in determining its ranking.

Our services provide expert analysis and recommendations to optimise your page experience scores, resulting in improved rankings and site speed scores. We tailor a strategy to help your web pages benefit from Google’s Page Experience update.

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