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Transform your Google Ads skills and achieve tangible improvements in your campaigns while cutting costs.

Benefit from personalised, live, in-person training with a Google Certified trainer boasting over 15,000 hours of expertise.

Contact our New Zealand training team today to learn how mastering Google Ads can propel your business forward.

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Double Your Value: Get Two Training Courses for the Price of One.

Enhance your digital marketing expertise and double your value with our new Two-for-One offer. Gain essential search and digital marketing skills for half the price, empowering you to achieve more with your budget.

For only $1500+GST, you can enroll in our premier Google Ads course, and add one of the following courses at no extra cost:

Contact our Google Ads Training team for a free consultation and receive a tailored training plan to enhance your skills and business performance.

Unlock Business Growth: Explore Our Google Ads Course Highlights

Gain Expert Tips and Advice from a Google Certified Trainer

Learn from a Google Ads expert with over 15,000 hours of experience, holding prestigious certifications including:

  • Google Ads Search Certification.
  • Google Ads Video Certification.
  • AI Powered Shopping Certification.
  • Google Ads Display Certification.
  • Google Ads Measurement Certification.
  • Google Analytics Certification.

Your course will be packed with actionable insights, practical tips, and valuable advice, all designed to enhance your skills, improve your results, and significantly increase your bottom line.

Contact our Google Ads training team today to find out how we can transform your Google Ads skills. 

Google Ads Course FAQs

Boost your Google Ads expertise from anywhere in New Zealand with our flexible in-person courses available in major cities like Auckland and Wellington, or through in-person online sessions accessible from any location.

A Google Ads course, customised for your business only, costs $1500+GST. Check out our current two for one promotion, where your second course is free. 

Confused by the Google Ads Terminology?

AdWords, Google Shopping, SEM, PPC, CPC… let’s demystify the jargon.

Google AdWords is now called Google Ads, or paid search, PPC (Pay Per Click) and search engine marketing (SEM)! To top it off, there’s also Google Shopping, previously called Google Product Search, Google Products and Froogle (invented by a New Zealander). 

Confused with all the acronyms and industry jargon? 

Don’t worry, let us demystify Google Ads for you on one of our training courses that will be 100% customised for your skills and the requirements of your company.

Our Google Ads (AdWords) courses are a perfect match for companies, agencies, webmasters, government departments and business owners that want to learn how to manage campaigns directly or manage their Google Ads agency more effectively.

You may want to improve Google Ads performance, become Google Certified, save money through DIY or simply ramp up your skills rapidly without having to slog your way through the myriad of blogs and videos online.

Google Ads Terminology