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Are you seeking objective insight on boosting your business’s digital presence or wanting to know how to leverage the power of an AI strategy? Do you need help setting SMART digital goals and developing a comprehensive online or digital marketing activity plan?

Clickthrough has 14 years of experience providing professional digital marketing strategy consulting services to a variety of New Zealand and international businesses.

Contact one of our strategists for a free assessment using our digital marketing strategic GAME Planning framework.

Customised Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is essential to reach potential customers, generate leads, and increase sales. But to do this effectively, you must have a comprehensive strategy, or your implementation will be like a boat without a rudder.

That’s where our digital marketing strategists and AI consultants come in.

Our team of strategists can help you create a strategy tailored to your unique business goals to reach success faster.

Our strategic planners develop online marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Whether you are a small business or an enterprise-level organisation, our digital strategists will help you create a customised plan for your needs.

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Our Digital GAME Planning Framework

A digital strategy is more than just putting in play an SEO Services campaign. We start by understanding your business goals and objectives and then build a strategy around those initiatives. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you meet your goals and maximise the return on your investment.

Step 1: Goal Setting

We run a discovery workshop, to help you define your unique digital marketing goals.

Step 2: Activity Selection

We help you select the best online and digital marketing activities to meet your goals.

Step 3: Measures of Success

We help you set clear measures of success to guide the performance of your strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you find what you were looking for?

All our digital and online marketing strategies are customised to the client’s needs. As such, the cost of creating a digital plan varies according to the complexity of the requirements.

We can advise, implement and even train you to manage your digital
marketing plan in-house.

A Digital Marketing Strategist is a professional who specialises in developing
effective digital strategies for businesses. They are tasked with
understanding and utilising the latest digital marketing techniques to reach
customers, build relationships and create loyal customer bases.
Digital Marketing Strategists must have a deep knowledge of the various
digital marketing channels, including social media, search engine
optimization (SEO), content marketing, email marketing, display advertising,
and more. They must also understand how to measure and track results to
ensure effective strategies.

We study the latest tools and technologies, like Artificial Intelligence, to help
you reach success. We will also provide ongoing support to help you stay
updated on changing trends and technologies.

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