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Boost your profits and slash your digital marketing costs with just five hours of our expert SEO training over two weeks. Join hundreds who have seen lasting benefits from our game-changing SEO course.

  1. Learn secret tips and best practices, from an exclusive SEO trainer who has +15,000 hours of SEO experience.

  2. Instantly enhance your skills with SEO training customised to your level and business needs.

  3. Gain immediate benefits with a valuable SEO audit ($950 value) of your website, a specific action plan, customised training materials and session recordings.

  4. Choose training either in-person or live online, tailored for any New Zealand business, website, eCommerce store, government department or organisation.

  5. You receive our undivided attention with our exclusive policy of handling only one SEO training per week, ensuring that your specific needs are our top priority.

Click the link below to contact our SEO training team. We're here to understand your specific needs and create a personalised training plan just for you.

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Search Engine Optimisation Training Course Offer

Unlock the full potential of your SEO strategy and get ahead of the competition with our exclusive Two for One offer. 

For only $1500, not only can you enroll in our industry-leading SEO course, but you also get to choose another course—absolutely free. Options include:

Don’t miss this opportunity to double your expertise at half the cost. Reach out to our SEO Training team today for a free consultation.

We’ll craft a personalised training plan that’s tailored to enhance your skills and significantly improve your bottom line. Contact us now to for a free consultation of your training needs. 

Our Five Step SEO Training Approach

We limit ourselves to just two SEO training clients each week to guarantee a highly personalized and effective training experience tailored to your specific needs. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Needs Discovery: We begin with an initial consultation where we understand exactly what you need from your SEO training.

  2. Secure Your Spot: We finalise your booking details to secure your place.

  3. Tailor-Made Preparation: Your trainer prepares a detailed SEO audit for your selected website, and a fully customised training program to meet your needs.

  4. Personalised Training: You attend an interactive 4-hour personalised training session led by your SEO trainer, typically split into two sessions.

  5. Enhanced Learning: You benefit from a one-hour follow-up session to foster ongoing improvement and address any additional needs.

Unlock limitless growth for your company by starting your SEO journey today—contact our training team now to receive your free assessment and SEO training brochure.

Glen Maguire, CEO

Empowering New Zealand businesses with SEO training SINCE 2009.

I’m Glen Maguire, the founder of Clickthrough Training. 

After fifteen years, our goal remains unchanged: to help New Zealand businesses grow through cost-effective strategies like search engine optimisation training.

Our courses were founded on the adage, “Give a person a fish, and you feed them for a day; teach them to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.”

From the beginning, we understood that personalised training with a live SEO trainer offers a more profound learning experience than generic, one-size-fits-all video training.

To this day, it’s incredibly fulfilling to see clients applying what they’ve learned from our SEO training courses. 

That’s why we include an SEO audit of your business in our training module and offer follow-up training to help you implement your newfound knowledge practically and effectively.

SEO Training Course Testimonials

"One of the most professional organisations I have dealt with in NZ. Their SEO training was incredibly useful and the other elements of my package were invaluable. I experienced prompt, clear and consistent communication, extremely relevant content delivery and tangible business benefit."
Dr. Maggie Buxton
SEO Training Services
"The team at Clickthrough are great to work with. Professional, helpful and knowledgeable, providing staff in-depth SEO training which delivers awesome results. Highly recommend!"
SEO Training Testimonial
Tawny, Hoppers Developments
Short SEO Training Course
"Thoroughly enjoyed working with Timur and the team. Great training for anyone interested in learning more about SEO and for digital marketers looking to further their skills. Very knowledgable, would recommend."
SEO Training Testimonial
Ashley, Onslow Josh Emett
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, specific tools and software for SEO analysis and performance tracking, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Keyword Planner, will be introduced during the training.

The duration of the SEO training courses may vary depending
on the specific needs and requirements but typically take 5 or
more hours depending on your level of familiarity with SEO.

Yes, the SEO training courses are suitable for beginners as well
as individuals with advanced skills.

SEO training consists of in-person courses that are customized
to your needs and cover topics such as SEO fundamentals, best practice search marketing tips, Google SEO training, and follow-up coaching for implementing SEO strategies.

This will depend greatly on your existing level of SEO knowledge and to what level you which to get to. Clickthrough offers SEO custom training tailored your unique needs.