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Since 2009, Clickthrough has accumulated over 12 years of enterprise SEO services expertise optimising large scale strategic websites.

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For example, as an enterprise SEO agency, we helped optimise 22 new websites for an international conglomerate across 3 continents, achieving +312% of the organic SEO target.

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What is Enterprise Search Engine Optimisation?

So how would enterprise search engine optimisation differ from traditional SEO for your company? 
There is no clear distinction in the SEO industry on whether a SEO program falls into the ‘enterprise SEO’ or ‘traditional SEO’ category. 

At Clickthrough, the enterprise SEO services sector essentially includes large-scale search engine optimization programs where search is a critical, strategic part of the marketing and sales acquisition mix. For example, a company or conglomerate with an international presence, +$50 million turnover and 20,000 pages.

Do you need an enterprise SEO agency?

Large scale websites typically have complex on page, off page and technical SEO requirements. As such, it is highly recommended you contract an SEO company, such as Clickthrough, that has experience managing complex enterprise search engine marketing programs.

Most enterprise search clients typically have an internal search marketing team that we support by providing advisory, implementation and training services.

How does an enterprise SEO strategy differ?

At Clickthrough our specialist enterprise SEO managers create solutions that are more sophisticated, scalable and process-centric than smaller, natural search programs. Here is a quick summary of four key ways enterprise or large-scale SEO programs differ from smaller programs.

More Complex SEO

An enterprise SEO strategy typically includes more analysis, process, automation, scale, coordination and collaboration across multiple internal and external stakeholders. As a result, enterprise search marketing requires more patience.

Highly Competitive Search Targets

Enterprise search marketing tends to be highly competitive as everyone wants to rank first for highly competitive, large search terms. Whilst this is important we must bear in mind the best return on investment from an enterprise SEO strategy is to rank for as many long tail (more descriptive) search terms as possible.

Enterprise SEO Platforms

While Search engine optimization platforms have their pros and cons they can help increase productivity for large organic search marketing programs. We suggest you research the options - but be aware of the long term costs, including integration, as well as what happens to your data should you decide to switch platforms or cancel the contract. .

Negative SEO

Many large-scale enterprises tend to acquire a great deal of good and bad backlinks. This means the enterprise SEO company you use needs to actively monitor your backlink profile for negative SEO (aka backlink spam), while ensuring your backlink profile is bolstered by a forward-thinking white-hat content marketing program that acquires a regular flow of high-trust quality backlinks, naturally.
Frequently Asked Questions

Enterprise SEO strategies are more sophisticated, scalable, and process-centric  compared to smaller-scale SEO programs. They involve more analysis, automation, coordination, and  collaboration across multiple stakeholders. Additionally, enterprise SEO focuses on ranking for both highly competitive search terms and a wide range of long-tail (descriptive) search terms.

Enterprise SEO refers to large-scale SEO programs where search is a critical part of the marketing and sales acquisition mix. It typically involves companies with an international presence, high turnover, and a large number of webpages. Traditional SEO, on the other hand, does not have specific criteria based on company size or turnover.

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