Monthly SEO packages for small businesses in Auckland & Wellington, NZ

If you are a small business owner in Auckland or Wellington looking for an affordable SEO package or monthly SEO program, look no further.

At Clickthrough, we offer monthly SEO packages tailored to your specific needs so that you can get the most out of your online presence. Our small business SEO packages are customised to improve your website and Google Maps search engine rankings, increase website traffic and boost sales.

Whether you’re looking for a complete SEO package or need a few key elements, we can help.

SEO Package Prices 

We typically charge a monthly retainer fee to deliver our SEO services packages. Our basic monthly SEO package includes keyword research, website optimisation and backlinking.

Our monthly packages for SME businesses start at $1,120+GST; see the Gold, Silver and Bronze options below. They are typically suitable for companies that are local (e.g. in Auckland) rather than companies with a national presence (e.g. with offices in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch).

We also offer monthly SEO plans for e-commerce websites with additional services such as product page optimisation, product listing management and more.

We have packages for local services businesses and retailers that focus on optimising your Google My Business listing and improving local map rankings.

Our prices are competitive, so you can get the best value for your budget. We understand that every business is unique and offer customised SEO packages to fit your needs. We also provide monthly reports to help you keep track of your progress.

The other option growing in popularity with small businesses looking for affordable SEO packages is GA4 training or SEO training, where we teach you how to manage your SEO in-house and track performance.

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The gold package

A complete SEO package that Includes:

  • Unlimited Keywords.
  • Full SEO service including onpage, content creation, and offpage SEO.
  • Local Maps optimisation, if required. 
  • A dedicated account manager. 
  • Training as required. 
  • Analytics performance reporting.
  • Cost: +$2,960+GST per month.

The Silver Package

A mid size SEO program that Includes:  

  • 10-15 Keywords.
  • Full SEO service including onpage, content creation, and offpage SEO.
  • Local Maps optimisation, if required. 
  • A dedicated account manager. 
  • Training as required. 
  • Analytics performance reporting.
  • Cost: $1,960+GST per month. 

The Bronze Package

Our basic SEO retainer that includes:

  • 5 Keywords.
  • Full SEO service including onpage, limited content creation and offpage SEO.
  • Minimal Local Maps optimisation, if required. 
  • A part time account manager. 
  • Some training time can be included. 
  • Analytics reporting. 
  • Cost: $1,120+GST per month. 

Our Approach:

1. Full Service SEO Package

  • Low maintenance
  • Outsourced, thus easy for you to manage
  • Helps you focus on running your  business, rather than trying to be an SEO expert
  • More expensive pricing plan than the other two options as it includes implementation
  • Not ideal if you have your own copy writer and development team

2. Advisory SEO Package


  • Generally, this is a cheaper SEO pricing plan than option 1, as the SEO agency does no implementation work / only provides analysis and advice


  • More complex and time consuming, as you have to manage the implementation of the SEO program
  • Typically, slower to implement, which means poor results

3. Hybrid SEO Package


  • This can also be a lower cost option, with the implementation work being split between you and your SEO partner
  • This option can work if you have certain in-house competencies that can be leveraged e.g. copywriting


  • This is probably the most complex SEO package to manage, as you need to co-ordinate multiple parties
Frequently Asked Questions

Linkbuilding package involves your SEO agency building backlinks into your website. It is seldom used due to the associated risks of your
agency building backlinks without having responsibility for creating your content.

Search engine optimisation packages are effective when implemented correctly over some time. The main risk of failure is selecting a plan that needs to be more comprehensive to meet your SEO goals.

With so many different SEO packages available, consider your SEO goals, your maximum and minimum budget, how many keywords you want to target, how other packages compare and whether you will do some SEO work or outsource it all.

A local SEO package optimises a company’s Google Maps, or Google My Business profile, to appear more prominently in Google’s local search results.