Beginner to Advanced Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Training Courses

Master Google Analytics 4 with a Google Certified trainer

Since 2009, we’ve been empowering New Zealand businesses with our extensive Google Analytics training courses. Whether you’re a novice or after advanced Google Analytics 4 or Looker Studio insights, our bespoke short courses cater to your specific training requirements. Directed by a Google Certified GA4 expert, our live sessions guarantee a top-quality learning experience.

GA4 Short Course Overview

  • Your training will be conducted live by Google Certified GA4 trainers.

  • A GA4 short course will be customised exclusively for you and your business, providing a one-on-one experience.

  • Comprehensive GA4 materials will be supplied, including practical tips, session recordings and expert advice.

Master the GA4 Interface with our limited-time offer

This month, our Google Analytics 4 short courses are offered at a discounted rate of $1200 + GST, representing a substantial 25% saving.

Get in touch with our trainers today. We will evaluate your GA4 training requirements and propose a tailored program to get you up to speed with all the new GA4 features in no time at all.

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The five benefits of being trained live and in-person

All our courses are hosted live and in person by one of our experienced GA4 tutors. Depending on your budget, we can either travel to your business location or conduct the session online using web meeting technology like ZOOM or Google Meet. Here are the top five reasons our in-person training stands out from generic online video training:

Practical GA4 Training Courses 

What We Offer
Our training is tailored to your business needs by providing a hands-on, practical approach, allowing you to learn alongside one of our experts. We also bring industry-specific knowledge and experience gained from over a decade of working in the digital marketing space to ensure your long-term success with GA4.

Our team of experts will accompany you at every stage. Providing 2 hours of follow-up support and conducting a comprehensive Google Analytics account audit as part of our services!

Contact our GA4 Training team using the form below or by email at [email protected].

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Recent Training Testimonials

"One of the most professional organisations I have dealt with in NZ. Their SEO training was incredibly useful and the other elements of my package were invaluable. I experienced prompt, clear and consistent communication, extremely relevant content delivery and tangible business benefit."
Dr. Maggie Buxton
eCommerce Shopify SEO
"My team did a GA4 training with Clickthrough last week. Jim, the trainer, demonstrated great understanding of GA4 and were able to provide clear examples of how to set up and use some most-used features. The training document is well organised and appropriate for us. Thank you!"
Services provided:
SEO, SEM and Digital Strategy
"We loved the practical style of the SEO training course. It helped us get up to speed quickly with our SEO strategy and what needed to be fixed. The course material was customised to our level and the trainer was great!"
Services provided:
SEO, SEM and Digital Strategy

GA4 Training Approach

Here is an overview of how we typically approach a GA4 training session:

  1. We start by identifying your GA4 training needs and goals. 
  2. We assign one of our expert GA4 trainers.
  3.  Your analytics trainer interviews you, confirms your training requirements and prepares a customised analytics training module.
  4. Your GA4 trainer hosts your training sessions live and online, using web meet technology such as ZOOM, Google Meet or MS Teams. 
  5. Your trainer provides follow up training, tips and advice to help embed your learnings. 

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Our GA4 Curriculum

Our GA4 Training Curriculum is tailored to each trainee’s skill level and specific training needs. It offers a thorough grasp of the platform’s latest features and functionality, encompassing essential concepts and best practices. Here are some of the key areas covered:

  • Data Structure & GA4 Property – We will teach you how to create and manage properties and views in GA4, set up and configure GA4, and provide an in-depth understanding of the data structure in GA4, including how data is collected and organised so that you can effectively analyse and utilise your data.  
  • Tracking Codes – Set up GA4 tracking codes on the web platforms and how to test and troubleshoot tracking issues. We will help you understand how to properly implement the GA4 tracking code on your website or app and how to use the SDKs for mobile app tracking. 
  • Data Analysis – We will help you understand how to analyse and interpret the data in GA4, including using the built-in analysis tools, creating custom reports and segments, and using data visualisation effectively. 

  • Event Tracking – How to track events in GA4 and how to use them to measure user engagement and conversions. We will help you understand how to set up and configure event tracking in GA4, including creating custom events, tracking events automatically, and using events for more advanced analysis.

  • E-commerce Tracking – We will help you understand how to track and analyse e-commerce data in GA4, including setting up e-commerce tracking, creating e-commerce reports, and using e-commerce data for more advanced analysis.

  • User Attribution – We will help you understand how to track user interactions across different devices and sessions using GA4’s built-in attribution models and User ID tracking.
  • Advanced Analytics – Advanced GA4 features such as cross-domain tracking, IP filtering, and custom dimensions and metrics. We will help you understand how to set up and configure these features in GA4 and how to use them to gain deeper insights into customer behaviour and engagement. 
  • GA4 Migration – We will give you an overview of migrating from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 and maintaining and troubleshooting GA4 implementation. We also offer comprehensive GA4 Migration services
  • Data Privacy Overview –  Understanding how to use GA4’s data privacy features and how to comply with data privacy laws such as GDPR and CCPA.

Integration with GA4

At Clickthrough, we help businesses make the most of their GA4 data by providing expert training on integrating it with other tools and platforms. Using Google Tag Manager (GTM), GA4 seamlessly integrates with other Google Suite products, such as Google Ads, allowing a more comprehensive view of customer behaviour and campaign performance. 

We also show our clients how to use GTM or APIs to integrate GA4 with popular CMS and CRM platforms such as Shopify and WordPress. This enables businesses to gain more detailed insights into customer behaviour and transactions. For example, with Shopify integration, GA4 can track e-commerce transactions and product performance. Our team also helps install third-party apps and plugins that bridge the gap between these platforms and GA4, making the process even more efficient.

Training Throughout New Zealand

We offer comprehensive GA training courses throughout New Zealand. Our training is designed to be flexible and accessible, so all you need is an internet connection and a laptop to join in.

We offer different training options to suit the needs of our clients. We can arrange one-on-one sessions tailored to your specific needs and goals if you prefer a more personalised approach. We can also provide group training sessions for up to 10 people for small teams or groups, allowing you to learn and collaborate.

Google Analytics 4 Course Cost

Each Google Analytics course is tailored to your company, your training requirements and the number of attendees from your company. If you’re interested in learning more about the GA4 training courses and pricing, you can contact Clickthrough by emailing [email protected].

We can discuss your company’s specific needs and receive a quote for your personalised training course.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Training
Frequently Asked Questions

Each Google Analytics course is customised to your company, your training requirements and the number of attendees from your company. E-mail [email protected] to discuss your company’s specific needs and receive a quote for your personalised training course.

GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics, which offers new features and functionality such as enhanced data collection and analysis
capabilities, as well as an improved user interface. It also includes a new set of metrics and dimensions and a more robust data model that allows for more accurate measurement of user engagement and conversion.

The GA4 training course is suitable for anyone looking to improve their understanding of GA4 and how to use it to make data-driven decisions
for their business. It is especially useful for marketers, analysts, and business owners who want to gain a deeper understanding of their
customer behaviour and online performance.