Expert Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Migration Services

Are you seeking urgent and professional assistance migrating from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4? Our team of GA4 experts in New Zealand is here to provide exceptional migration services for all eCommerce and website platforms.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more hands-on approach, we offer a comprehensive training course on Google Analytics 4. Gain the knowledge and skills to navigate the new features and capabilities easily.

Contact our analytics team today for a complimentary assessment of your GA4 migration requirements. Let us help you seamlessly transition to the latest analytics platform and unlock its full potential.

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Expert GA4 Setup & Migration Services

Our team comprises of analytics migration experts and GA4 trainers with specialised experience in migrating from UA to GA4 on various content management systems, including WordPress, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, and more.

With industry-specific knowledge and a hands-on approach, we deliver tailored migration services to ensure a correct and effective transition.

Additionally, we offer training for your team on setting up, migrating, and managing analytics in-house, as well as setting up and training you to use Looker Studio

Contact our migration consultants using the prompt below for a complimentary assessment of your analytics migration requirements, a detailed migration plan, and a cost estimate.

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Most websites use Universal Analytics (UA). If your company uses Universal Analytics to track performance, Google announced you must switch to GA4 by the following dates, or your analytics account will stop receiving data:

  • July 1st 2023, for standard analytics accounts
  • October 1st 2023, for 360 analytics accounts

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the latest offering from Google that offers potent insights into your data.

With GA4, you can gain deeper insights through machine learning, custom audiences, and user behaviour analysis. It also provides more complex tracking processes tailored to your needs. With GA4, you can better understand how users interact with your website or app and identify areas to improve.

Additionally, it helps you make decisions based on real-time data and understand customer journeys across devices and channels. Ultimately, by using GA4 Migration Services to transition to this new platform, you’ll gain access to powerful analytics that will give you an edge in today’s competitive market.

What is Google Analytics 4?
Benefits of migrating to GA4

The Key Benefits of Migrating to GA4

Businesses seeking to maximise the value of their data and gain a competitive edge must consider the indispensability of GA4 Migration Services.

With GA4, you unlock the potential of robust analytics that provide real-time insights into user journeys across devices and channels. Moreover, you can create personalized content for specific segments by leveraging custom audiences.

The icing on the cake is the machine learning capabilities that unveil patterns in customer behavior, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Our expert advice is to invest in your business today and embrace GA4 Migration Services for enhanced customer understanding and superior outcomes.


GA4 Setup and Migration Cost

At Clickthrough, we understand that every business has unique data and management requirements when transitioning to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). That’s why we offer personalised setup and migration packages tailored to your company’s specific needs and schedule. Our pricing ranges from $300+GST to POA, depending on the level of service you require.

Whether you need an audit, tag manager setup, or a comprehensive migration service, our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your data needs and create a migration plan that includes important milestones, dates, and dependencies. This approach ensures a seamless transition to GA4.

To discuss your company’s GA4 migration and training needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our submission form. Our migration team will happily provide you with more information and a quote for your migration and GA4 training requirements.

GA4 events tracking

Our Process for Migrating to GA4 in Six Simple Steps

Upgrade seamlessly from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 with our hassle-free migration services. Our dedicated team of experts ensures a smooth transition, accurately transferring your data for immediate valuable insights. Quickly and confidently leverage GA4’s powerful features. Rest assured, our customer support team is available to address any questions throughout the migration process. Contact one of our migration experts today for a complimentary assessment by emailing [email protected].

Step 1: We run a Discovery Session

In Google Analytics 4, you measure all conversions via GA4 events, which get logged when a user interacts with your website or app. We run a discovery session to define the success criteria for your website and the fundamental user interactions that GA4 must track.

Step 2: Audit & Property Setup

Before migrating to GA4, it's essential to audit the existing Universal Analytics tracking, confirm your data requirements, and then set up a GA4 property. Setting up a new property in GA4 is one of the essential steps in migrating to the GA4 platform. It's also one of the most challenging and time-consuming.

Step 3: Tag Manager Setup

Tag Manager is a powerful tool required to easily track user interactions and events on your website. Plus, you can configure triggers to track and log user actions for further analysis automatically. With Tag Manager, you can control your tracking tags and quickly make changes or add new ones as needed, without code.

Step 4: Connecting Apps and Websites to GA4

We now connect your apps and websites to GA4. With the ability to connect various data sources into one place, you can get a comprehensive view of how users interact with your web properties. Integrating different services into GA4 allows you to measure user engagement across channels, track performance goals, and understand customer behaviour, which helps you make informed decisions on optimising your marketing campaigns and improving user experiences.

Step 5: QA of the Migration & Data

In the fifth step of our GA4 Migration Services, we ensure everything is migrated correctly by monitoring the migration progress and data quality. During this step, we also review any discrepancies or errors so that we can fix them before they become an issue. Our migration consultants will also provide regular reports on the migration progress and data quality so that you can be confident in the accuracy of your analytics. .

Step 6: Google Analytics 4 Training

As part of our Google Analytics 4 (GA4) migration process, you can attend one of our analytics training courses to learn alongside one of our experts how to track your website performance, the main differences between UA and GA4 and how to set up reports and use tag manager.
Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will work to ensure that your data is not lost during the migration process. We will export your data from UA and import it into GA4, ensuring that all necessary data is captured and the migration is done correctly.

The time required for a GA4 migration can vary depending on the size and complexity of a business’s website or app, as well as the amount of data that needs to be migrated.
Our team will work closely with you to determine an estimated timeline for your migration. Smaller account can take less than a week, whereas larger more complex analytics setups can take two to three months.

Your website and apps must switch to GA4 by the following dates, or your analytics
account will stop receiving data:
• July 1st 2023, for standard analytics accounts
• October 1st 2023, for 360 analytics accounts

The cost of migrating from UA to GA4 varies according to the migration’s size, complexity
and requirements. Here is a price guide:
• simple setup: $840+GST
• intermediate set up: $1680+GST
• advanced set up: price on application