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Does your business provide local services to people or business in specific geographic areas, such as Auckland or Wellington

Over the past 12 years, we have developed a proven approach for generating “local SEO” leads from Google Maps (AKA Google My Business) into businesses that need enquiries from search queries with “local intent”.

Our local SEO services packages include local SEO audits, optimising your Googly My Business profile to appear prominently in the local search results, writing local SEO copy and designing a strategy for generating a regular flow of authentic Google reviews.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is also known as local search, local maps SEO, local search engine optimization, Local SEO marketing and Google My Business (GMB) Marketing.

Local searches searches made through a search engine using location modifiers, such as city and / or suburb. It also includes ‘near me’ searches, where Google provides search results based on a person’s location.

Local search engine optimisation, is the process of optimizing a business for search queries that have “local intent” e.g. “Local SEO Company Auckland”. 

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Google Maps Optimisation Service

These two search marketing categories are:

  • SEM – which stands for search engine marketing and uses paid strategies to appear in the search results pages. The most established form of SEM is Google Ads, also known in the New Zealand search industry as PPC advertising, paid search and cost-per-click advertising.
  • SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation (spelt optimization in the USA) uses organic strategies to appear in the search results pages and on Google Maps. SEO is also known in the NZ search industry as organic search and natural search. 

Here is an image that shows:

  • SEM listings at the top of the page, marked with the word “AD” next to them.
  • SEO listings below the SEM listings and including the Google Maps listings. 

Clickthrough Local SEO Services

  • Google My Business (GMB) setup and optimisation
  • Claiming your Google Maps listing
  • Local SEO content creation (posts, events, videos, images etc)
  • Name, Address & Phone (NAP) management
  • Online reputation management, with a particular focus on building user reviews
  • Local search audits
  • Local SEO competitor reviews
  • Local search campaign performance reporting
  • Creating, managing and monitoring local listings
  • Creating local content for your website
Local Search Services
Frequently Asked Questions

Local search marketing is particularly beneficial for businesses that rely on local customers, such as local service providers, brick-and-mortar
stores, restaurants, healthcare professionals, and any business targeting a specific geographic area.

Key components of our local SEO services include local SEO audits, optimizing Google My Business profiles, writing local SEO copy, designing strategies for generating authentic Google reviews and Google Maps optimisation.

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