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Auckland's leading SEO services company since 2009. Our SEO Auckland services team achieves long-term results using ethical SEO tactics. We won't lock you in to false guarantees, or use search engine optimisation short cuts. We are a progressive Auckland SEO Company, servicing NZ websites of all types from our offices at the PWC Tower on the Viaduct and on the North Shore of Auckland.


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We actively seek out and apply best practice SEO and search engine marketing (SEM) services. We provide transparency with our billing and flexible contracts that don't lock you in. Our values centre on deep partnering; some of our clients have been with us since we founded in 2009!

Why Clickthrough SEO?
  • Clickthrough embraces best practices. We are a Google Certified AdWords Partner and follow Google Guidelines for SEO and best digital marketing standards.
    Search Engine Optimization
    We embrace SEO and Digital Marketing best practices.
  • Our digital marketing services will help you achieve consistent growth, without taking unethical short cuts.
    North Shore SEO
    We achieve results without taking shortcuts.
SEO & Digital Marketing Portfolio

Clickthrough services a range of large, medium and small websites and eCommerce web stores throughout Auckland and New Zealand. Contact one of our SEO and Digital Marketing specialists for a confidential chat on how we can help your business achieve more online.

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28 Jun 2017

New Google Algorithm update from 25th June 2017?
New Google Algorithm update from 25th June 2017?

There's a lot of chatter doing the rounds in the SEO blogs about a major Google Algorithm update, being rolled out since Sunday June 25th, 2017. Google traditionally neither denies nor confirms it's major updates, though industry chatter indicates a major update is brewing. Read more

02 May 2017

Our five most important SEO Audit Factors for 2017
Our five most important SEO Audit Factors for 2017

What are the five most important SEO audit factors for 2017? For starters, we recommend that you avoid free SEO audits. They are most often automated and only provide a snapshot of your website's SEO health - a SEO audit focused on your particular business should take a fair amount of time and effort from industry experts, and is a worthwhile investment. A proper SEO audit considers your website holistically, ensuring content, design, technical and content marketing efforts are funneled to meet user and search objectives. Read more

12 Mar 2017

Recent Google 'Fred' update triggers huge ranking fluctuations
Recent Google 'Fred' update triggers huge ranking fluctuations

Breaking news! Google has started rolling out an update to its algorithm, dubbed by the SEO community as 'Fred'. The SEO blogs are buzzing about the massive fluctuations in rankings being observed in NZ and around the world. Did your rankings rise or drop with this change? Now would be a good time to get your rankings and your NZ SEO strategy reviewed! Read more