How to grant Google Analytics user permissions

This is a short guide for showing you how to grant a user with access to your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics user permissons

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The 4 Google Analytics user permission levels

Note: these four permissions can be applied singly or in combination.

Manage Users Can manage account users (add/delete users, assign any permissions). Does not include Edit or Collaborate. Can grant full permissions to any user, including themselves, for any account, property, or view for which they have this permission.
Edit Can perform administrative and report-related functions (e.g., add/edit/delete accounts, properties, views, filters, goals, Channel Grouping, etc., but not manage users), and see report data.

Edit permission is required at the account level to create filters. Edit permission is required at the view level to apply filters.

Includes Collaborate.
Collaborate Can create, edit, delete, and share personal assets. Can collaborate on shared assets. Includes Read & Analyze. Shared assets include:
Multi-Channel Funnels Settings
Conversion Segments
Custom reports
Unsampled Reports
Read & Analyze Can see report and configuration data; can manipulate data within reports (e.g., filter a table, add a secondary dimension, create a segment); can create personal assets, and share them, and see shared assets. Cannot collaborate on shared assets.

Step 1: Adding Google Analytics Users

To add a new user to an account/property/view:

Adding Google Analytics Users

Step 2: Click Account User Management

In the Account, Property, or View column (depending upon whether you want to add users at the account, property, or view level), click the “Account User Management” tab. Click Account User Management 

Step 3: Click the add user button

In the Account users list, click +, then click Add new users.

Click the add user button

Step 4: Add our gmail account

  • Enter the email address [email protected].
  • Select Notify new users by email to send a message to the user.
  • Select the “Manage Users”  and “Edit” permission options.
  • Click Add.
  • Confirm that we have received the invite. 

Add our gmail account

When migrating to Google Analytics 4, user permissions may differ as the platform has more granular control options, allowing for more specific access levels to be set for different team members

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