Seo Isn’t Dead But Your Tactics Might Be

Risks of using old school SEO tactics

Google’s latest updates are exposing New Zealand SEO companies that continue to use cheap, outdated and dangerous tactics to boost organic rankings.

The fallout in the NZ SEO industry is brutal for both SEO NZ companies and, unfortunately, their clients, who often don’t realise what tactics their optimiser is using until it is too late.

The message from Google is clear: adopt modern, content led search tactics that help Googlers find answers to their search queries, or lose your most valuable source of online leads!


Cheap SEO is like Google on steroids

Cheap search engine optimisation tactics, like buying low quality backlinks, are like steroids to an athlete – they can provide a quick boost, but ultimately destroy your domain or get it penalised. Similar to doping penalties, ranking penalties can last for years, or even forever.

Professional SEO companies now have to work a lot smarter and harder than before to achieve results using white hat SEO techniques, which has accelerated the purging of SEO cowboys from the NZ search industry.

We anticipate that in 2018, the New Zealand SEO industry will be pushed to achieve a higher standard, benefiting true SEO professionals, Googlers, and most importantly, our clients.

Google penalises you, not the SEO company

Bear in mind, Google penalises your website, NOT the SEO company. YOU are ultimately accountable for the SEO tactics that are applied to your website, not the SEO company you have contracted to do the work. We recommend you conduct regular due diligence (AKA SEO audits) of the methods your SEO company uses.

To help you, we’ve listed below the top three good and bad SEO tactics you need to be aware of as we head into 2018.

Three SEO tactics to avoid in 2018

  1. Do not buy or acquire low quality websites to link back to yours.
  2. Do not produce thin, low quality web page content that is also not unique e.g. web copy that has been duplicated from another website or poorly written copy.
  3. Avoid over-optimizing your web pages for their target search terms e.g. repeating keywords too many times.

Three SEO tactics to embrace in 2018

  1. Regularly produce unique, well researched website content that appeals to your target audience.
  2. Use SEO tactics that enhance the user experience of your website, in particular, the mobile user experience.
  3. Earn backlinks from relevant websites naturally, or not at all.

For more information on our modern SEO approach, or for an assessment of your SEO tactics, contact one of our friendly New Zealand SEO experts on 021 344 050, or learn SEO best-practice at one of our popular SEO training courses for managers.


What are some SEO tactics that should be avoided in 2023?

Keyword stuffing, buying backlinks, and creating low-quality content are considered outdated and ineffective SEO strategies that not only fail to improve a website’s search engine rankings but can also harm its online reputation and credibility.


How do cheap SEO tactics harm a website’s ranking in search engine results?

Cheap SEO tactics harm a website’s ranking in search engine results by violating search engine guidelines. They may result in penalties such as decreased rankings or even complete removal from search results.


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