Business Advice During Covid 19

Action is the antidote…

We’re in extraordinary times as a coronavirus called COVID-19 has the world firmly in its grasp. But even though everyday life and business feels uncertain at this point, and every fibre in your being says stop spending money, there has to be a voice of reason that says otherwise.

Spend money to make money…​

After all, if there’s anything that remains true through these troubling times, it’s that you have to spend money to make money whether you feel confident in doing so or not.

While curbing spending on products and services can be a way in which you get through these uncertain economic times, there’s one area that requires consistency, and that’s your SEO investment. The buyers are still out there, so the marketing techniques to put your business to the forefront have to be, as well.

Not convinced? Read on to learn why you shouldn’t let COVID-19 affect your SEO practices.

Avoid a cash crisis…​

It seems like the entire world is at home. No one is walking the streets, non-essential bricks and mortar businesses are closed, and money is changing hands at a slow rate. But you can keep cash flow ticking over by boosting your organic search engine marketing results.

Bear in mind, that while people aren’t roaming the streets, they are scrolling the internet. To pause your SEO services now would be to reduce your presence when more of the world is on the web than ever before.

Initial reports indicate Google search ads are seeing a 7% loss compared to January 2020, but do you know what’s increasing? Organic search visibility.

That means you need to continue to create content that contributes to your brand strategy. Good content also boosts SEO performance and leads to trust, and trust leads to sales. Sales allow you to keep that cash flowing, all the while building a brand that’s ready to thrive once COVID-19 is shown the front door.

Make every dollar count…​

During tough economic times, every dollar counts. That’s why search engine marketing is something that many businesses can get on board with. You know where every dollar is going and whether or not it’s leading to the results you are trying to achieve.

It’s also one of the most cost-efficient investments you can make during COVID-19 and one that requires continuous investment to give bang for your buck.

Having a search engine marketer on your team, too, can prove valuable. As soon as they see that something isn’t working, they can play with keyword phrases, move your budget, and make changes that reflect the current purchasing mood.

Everything related to search engine optimisation and marketing is trackable. Look at your sales. Look at your leads. If you’re not getting value for money, then change it. You have full control over this form of marketing – you can’t say the same about non-digital marketing.

So, right now, create SEO-focused content related to your industry. Keep your site up to date for those who will be visiting it. Check your current campaigns and make sure your message is relevant. You’re then on track for results both now and when the new market emerges at the other end.

Embrace the digital age…

Diversification is a wise move in any business that is starting to lag behind the times. But during the tough economic climate brought about by the coronavirus COVID-19, you have an opportunity. That opportunity is to diversify business practices to stay afloat.

Some businesses may not have been all that keen or invested in the digital age. Given that many countries are putting their citizens in lock down, the digital platform is now all that several non-essential businesses have. Use this time as an opportunity to brush up your skills, work on your SEO practices, and give your business that new edge it has been waiting for. Now is the time for your business to shine.

Prepare for the new normal…

We know from past experiences that things do and will get back to normal. Even if that ‘normal’ is different from the one before COVID-19 reared its head.

SEO is about consistency, and stopping and starting will prove more harmful than keeping your practices going – even through tough times.

It’s also important to note that the media can drive the fear cycle, with each sensationalist headline more profitable for them than the last. It’s important that you do not freeze. This virus is serious, but we will get through it and the market will re-open, hungrier than ever. You need to ensure your business is ready, by having a strong organic search strategy, or it will leak fresh revenue to competitors.

If you haven’t put much thought into search engine optimisation and online marketing techniques, then now’s the time. The entire world is online, and SEO can help make sure that your business is seen more so than one that has let its practices slip.


Why should I continue investing in SEO during the pandemic?

Investing in SEO during the pandemic is crucial because it helps maintain your online presence, reach potential customers actively searchingfor products/services, and position your business for long-term success once the situation stabilises.


Is organic search visibility increasing after the pandemic?

Yes, organic search visibility is increasing after the pandemic as more people rely on online platforms instead of in-person stores. Making it essential to maintain and improve your SEO efforts to capture organic traffic and gain a competitive advantage.


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