Upskill With Elearning

Upskill with eLearning

For several years, businesses have been transitioning from traditional bricks and mortar models to those that incorporate an online and digital presence. That transition might have been slow, but efforts were certainly ramped up as the respiratory disease COVID-19 spread throughout the world.

Now, businesses are making sure they can provide service during New Zealand’s alert level 4 lockdown by moving as much as they can online.

However, several companies are sure to have noticed a slow-down during this time. This means there is certainly not as much to fill the working week as there was before. While you could focus on getting a few odd jobs completed around the home, wouldn’t your time be better spent doing those things for your business that you just never had time for before?

eLearning can help

E-learning is the process of learning a new skill online or partaking in educational programs online. With the entire country at home, it’s now more relevant than ever before to use the internet for guidance on how to manage parts of your business.

Does your business need to upskill in a particular area, such as search engine marketing or social media marketing? Are there things you could be doing better to manage your current and future customers during this trying time? You don’t need to sit in a classroom to learn new skills to benefit your business. Everything you need is now at your fingertips in the digital world.


Many people in lockdown are using this time to paint their fences, tend to their gardens, and scrub their homes from top to bottom. Those are all worthwhile things to do, but DIY skills can also relate to learning new skills online that could ultimately put your business in a strong position once the alert levels in New Zealand are lowered.

Traditionally, SEOsocial media marketingGoogle Ads, and analytics are all things that businesses could learn about from experts in person. While those services and training sessions will still be available once the lockdown is lifted, they are now available online in the interim. You have more time, so why not take advantage?

By learning these skills online yourself, you and your business experience a multitude of benefits. You have more control over your costs and expenditure related to marketing, and you don’t have to pay an agency to look after them for you. As you are learning things that can boost your business profits, better cash flow is also a likely benefit.

Learn Digital Marketing from Experts

You’re at home, and businesses are around you at home, so you can guarantee that digital marketing experts in New Zealand are also at home. As a result, you don’t have to learn new, valuable skills for your company on your own. E-learning is about tapping into the knowledge of experts as you would in a classroom setting, but in a purely digital sense.

The best SEO and marketing experts are on hand to help business owners and their teams learn SEO, social media marketing, migrate to GA4 and more, in E-learning courses online.

Benefits of Managing Digital Marketing Yourself

There will always be search engine marketing companies ready and able to manage your firm’s online presence. However, there is also no harm in learning the skills to take care of it yourself.

In this particularly trying economic time, cutting costs and saving money is paramount. It’s crucial not to stop your current online marketing practices, but savings can be made through managing those practices yourself.

E-learning courses dedicated to teaching you those skills can offer several benefits. You come to understand why e-marketing is so important, and you learn about the many techniques that can be relevant to your unique business model.

Everything from Google ads and analytics to social media marketing and content now makes a whole lot more sense. Better yet, you now have the time to give them as much attention as they require.

Find E-Learning Courses to Suit Your Business

When it comes to learning digital marketing strategies for your business, you’re not short of options. An abundance of E-learning courses are available online, such as SEO & SEM short courses, SEO training courses, social media short courses, and more.

Think about what you want to achieve in your business after lockdown, and how you can gain momentum during the lockdown. The more you learn, the more likely you are to come out swinging.


Can I learn SEO, social media marketing, and analytics online?

Yes, you can learn SEO, social media marketing, and analytics online through Clcikthrough’s e-learning courses specifically designed to teach these skills and strategies.


What topics are covered in digital marketing e-learning courses?

Topics covered in digital marketing e-learning courses typically include search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, analytics, and digital advertising strategies.


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