Tips For Crafting Engaging Social Content

Tips for crafting engaging social content

Most businesses participate in content marketing and content creation as big part of their digital and marketing strategies. Yet not many manage to create engaging content that is extensively shared on social media and for SEO benefits. Our social behaviours have been widely studied, and researchers have found a number of reasons why people participate in online and social activities, such as looking for approval or affirmation, the need to engage with and communicate with others, and for the entertainment value social media offers.

How to use social content to get ahead

So what can you do with your content that will give you the edge over your competitors? We’ve put together some tips and ideas to help you.

  1. High quality content is crucial. Make sure you invest enough time into researching your audience and subject before you produce any content. Don’t copy content from other websites; your followers will be engaged if you create unique, real-time, contextual content that is easy to read and understand. Use bullet points, numbered lists and headers to keep your reader’s attention and point out important information.
  2. Write content that adds value. Remember who your audience is and write content they will benefit from reading. A good question to ask yourself is whether those who are reading your content would share it with their friends.
  3. Be visual. Use infographics and video content. Video is becoming one of the most powerful forms of content on social media, and is giving many businesses an edge when it comes building a strong presence on social media (and in the natural search engine optimisation results pages).
  4. Emotions are a powerful tool. Generating strong emotional reactions like happiness, anger or sorrow among readers can lead to a very successful social media campaign. We all love to reminisce about the good times, so include some content that is pleasantly nostalgic.
  5. Be trendy. Keep an eye on the latest industry news when creating content. And using amusing and sometimes offbeat posts, videos and infographics is a great way to engage with your readers.
  6. It’s not done once your post is live. Listen and respond to your follower’s comments, issues, questions and complaints. A successful social media marketing campaign is just that, a campaign, and requires careful managing, by you or an expert social media marketing agency. Even negative comments can be an opportunity for success if handled correctly.

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What are some common SEO practices that can lead to penalties from Google?

Common SEO practices that can lead to penalties from Google include keyword stuffing, cloaking, buying links, and creating duplicate content.


How can I avoid anchor text abuse and ensure that my hyperlinks are relevant and useful?

To avoid anchor text abuse, make sure to use descriptive and relevant anchor text that accurately reflects the content of the linked page, and avoid using the same anchor text repeatedly. Also, ensure that the linked page provides value and is useful to the user.


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