How To Keep Ahead Of Google Algorithm Updates

How to Keep Ahead of Google Algorithm Updates

You can listen to this article here: Google’s search algorithm constantly evolves, making it challenging for businesses and marketers to maintain a top position in search results. Contents Content is Key to Ranking Well on Google Keep an eye on SEO Industry Updates Monitoring Your Website One week you rank well for your key search […]

Google Discover For Seo

What are the benefits of Google Discover for SEO and content marketing?

Are you a business looking to increase the discoverability of your content online? Google Discover could be just what you need. You can listen to this article here: Contents How Does Google Discover Differ from Search Engines? The Impact of Google Discover Integrating Google Discover with Your Business What types of content are best suited […]

How To Create A Pillar Page Strategy That Boosts Your Websites Seo

How to Create a Pillar Page Strategy that Boosts Your Website

You can listen to this article here: Are you looking for a strategy that can help boost your website’s SEO and increase organic web traffic? You may want to try creating a pillar page strategy.   Contents What is a Pillar Page? Deciding on Your Pillar Topics Deciding on Your Cluster Topics Optimising Your Pillars […]

Can Podcasts Help Seo

Can Podcasts Help SEO?

You can listen to this article here:   Most business owners are already familiar with the main components of an SEO strategy, such as meta tags, content, backlinks, and product images. But could podcasts be another promising way to help your business stand out in the digital sphere? As it turns out, yes. Contents Is […]

A Basic Guide To Google Web Stories 2021

A Basic Guide to Google Web Stories

You can listen to this article here: You may have noticed that your favourite social media platforms are jumping on the story bandwagon in recent years. You can tap your screen multiple times and enjoy an immersive story experience that entertains and informs at the same time. Contents What Are Google Web Stories? How to […]

Accelerated Mobile Page Amp Tips

The Importance of a Quick Website Load Speed

You can listen to this article here: Is your website lightning quick on desktop and mobile? Any business owner with a website or eCommerce store needs to know the answer to this question. People are impatient and a slow website will have them bouncing in a matter of seconds. If you can speed up your website it […]

In Ecommerce Here Are Some Seo Best Practices For Video

SEO Best Practice Tips for eCommerce Videos

You can listen to this article here: Google has released a number of innovative features in recent years that have enabled eCommerce business owners to stand out from the crowd. From keyword and site architecture to on-page SEO and technical SEO – there are so many options. Yet another to join the ranks in recent […]

Basic Guide To Core Web Vitals 2021

Essential Guide to Core Web Vitals

You can listen to this article here: Google is always coming up with new and innovative ways to improve the user experience for those browsing the internet. One recent announcement that Google made in late 2020 with user experience in mind was Core Web Vitals. Contents What Are Core Web Vitals? Why Do You Need to […]

Why Your Marketing Staff Need To Understand The Seo Basics

Why Your Marketing Staff Need to Understand the SEO Basics

You can listen to this article here: Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not something you naturally know how to do. It’s a relatively new concept and one that has continuously evolved and developed as the years go by. Contents It’s Easier Than Ever Before SEO Is Constantly Evolving Organic Search Can Be Your Best Source […]

Seo Competition Growing Across New Zealand Ppc Vs Organic

The debate, PPC vs. Organic SEO

You can listen to this article here: Most businesses with a digital presence in New Zealand would have by now heard of the term ‘SEO’. It means search engine optimisation, andis the process of optimising your website and digital offerings to generate leads or sales from the search engine results (Google). Contents PPC vs. Organic […]