What Is Your Real Source Of Conversion

What Is Your Real Source of Conversion?

You can listen to this article here: A quick glance at your Google Analytics will show you just what channel your customers used to access and purchase your products. You might think, ‘perfect, now I can stop every other advertising and marketing method and just focus on the one that’s performing the best!’ Contents How Does Google Analytics […]

Ethical Marketing And Why Its The Best Option For Your Business

Ethical Marketing and Why It’s the Best Option for Your Business

You can listen to this article here: Ethics are something that every business aims to have in every facet of their business. They want their staff to be ethical, their practices, and even their customers. Contents What is Ethical Marketing? Ethical Marketing Principles What is Unethical Marketing? Black Hat Marketing What Are Some of the […]

Upskill With Elearning

Upskill with eLearning

For several years, businesses have been transitioning from traditional bricks and mortar models to those that incorporate an online and digital presence. That transition might have been slow, but efforts were certainly ramped up as the respiratory disease COVID-19 spread throughout the world. Now, businesses are making sure they can provide service during New Zealand’s alert level […]

Business Advice During Covid 19

Action is the antidote…

We’re in extraordinary times as a coronavirus called COVID-19 has the world firmly in its grasp. But even though everyday life and business feels uncertain at this point, and every fibre in your being says stop spending money, there has to be a voice of reason that says otherwise. Spend money to make money…​ After all, if there’s […]

Fight Flight Or Freeze

Fight, flight or freeze. How to keep moving forward during a crisis.

As most business owners and employees will now be aware, a Coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19, is rapidly spreading around the world. As of March 15, nearly 170,000 cases had been reported, with over 6,500 deaths. As a New Zealand business owner, the virus has probably triggered one of three reactions in your business: fight, flight, […]

Why Digital Marketing Training

The rise of digital marketing training

You can listen to this article here: You can listen to this article here:Five years ago it was ok just to get by with digital, but companies are now finding that in order to stay relevant and succeed, an online presence is crucial. Over the past three years we’ve particularly noticed a rapid surge in requests […]

Is Google Your Top Salesman

Is Google your top salesman? Or are you leaking money?

An astounding 72 % of Millennials view search as their most trusted source of information! Furthermore, over 75% of New Zealanders search online before making a purchase. How many sales does Google send your way from SEO or Google Ads every day? Or does your website leak a fortune in lost sales to your competitors? How should search influence your buyers? […]