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SEO and Social Media, the new paradigm

Most New Zealand companies have some grasp of the intricacies of SEO and understand why it is good for business. But once you add social media to the mix, many see SEO and social media marketing as activities requiring separate plans of attack.

At Clickthrough, we take the modern view that search engine optimisation and social media marketing have a more symbiotic relationship, both helping each other to reach a successful outcome.

Get ahead with Social Media and SEO

But why is this? What makes a combined NZ SEO and social media strategy more effective than implementing stand-alone approaches?

The amount of Facebook likes won’t directly help you rank, but social media is a factor in organic SEO rankings when you get the right social media engagement and people sharing your social content to generate backlinks to your web pages.

This infers the quality of your followers is what Google is after, so don’t cut corners. Generate followers that engage with your social media platforms and share your content. Boosting your content using paid social advertising, to the right audience, will most definitely help!

Social media marketing helps build brand awareness and an audience, which increases the likelihood that people will click on your brand’s content in Google’s search results.

Excellent Search and Social needs great contentContent Marketing

Social media sharing is a great way to bring more external sites linking to your content, remembering that the more diverse these links are the more authority Google grants to that content.

Your brand will carry more weight with Google the more you share socially, and good quality external sources endorsing your brand by linking to your content, will improve your domain authority.

Google loves good content wherever it can find it, and social media is a great place for that. Social media offers excellent opportunities to become involved in the local community, and through that posting locally-optimised content. Remember, search engines love local content.

An effective social media strategy will increase your brand awareness and brand presence, which in turn leads to an increase in branded searches on Google. And brand searches are the most valuable searches you can get!

Knowing all of this, are you looking for more synchronicity between your SEO services and social media strategy? Or are you only focused on SEO and want to become more social? Clickthrough has mastered the art of bringing SEO and social media together to achieve outstanding results, why not have a chat to find out what they can do for your brand.

Please contact us by calling one of our friendly consultants on 021 344 050 or email [email protected]. Or learn more at one of our SEO courses and Social Media training courses.

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