Seo Never Stops

Great SEO Requires Constant Nurturing

There’s a growing myth in New Zealand that SEO is a once off project or can be treated in short bursts. Let’s be 100% clear on this. Search Engine Optimisation requires continuous effort.  SEO is a process of continuous improvement and adjustment, not a once off project.

SEO is a program, not a project

Your website needs ongoing SEO support or it will slip behind your competitors in the rankings. Here are a few factors that highlight why your website needs constant SEO maintenance to stay ahead of the pack.

Negative SEO

More and more websites are being spammed with thousands of backlinks from low quality, spammy websites. Spammy backlinks may ironically help your website organic rankings in the short term. However, if the linkspam continues then your website will get banned from the search engines results pages (SERPs). You need an SEO specialist to monitor which websites are linking to yours and take swift action when backlink spam is detected.

Being spammed? Watch this Google Linkspam Video

Google Algorithm Changes

Google changes it’s algorithm 600 times per year. Some of these changes are minor, some are major and very few updates are announced. Theprinciples for successful SEO remain fairly constant, though the nuances of each update stack up quite a bit. Capitalizing on SEO updatesrequires constant monitoring and rapid adjustment by a team of SEO experts.

Growing Competition

There are three types of companies. Companies that ignore SEO, companies that treat SEO as a minor ‘tech’ tactic and companies that embrace SEO as an integral part of their online sales and marketing mix. The former type pf company understand that, like all sales and marketingtactics, a website requires continuous search engine optimisation to stay competitive and ahead of the competition.Unfortunately, companies that treat SEO as an afterthought tend to dabble in SEO then complain that it does not work. If only it was thateasy!

New Product Development

As businesses evolve, new products and services are introduced, whilst others are disestablished. This means new areas of your website arecreated and need to be optimised.   Or content needs to be removed or de-optimised. Bear in mind, when you remove content from a web page, it will stop ranking for the terms associated with that content. Either way, you’re changing the content structure of your website and it needs expert SEO to make the adjustment. These are only a few of the factors that highlight why your website needs to be constantly optimized. For more information, call one of our SEO experts on 021 344 050 today, click here to contact us or learnmore at one of our popular SEO training courses


How can spammy backlinks affect a website’s organic rankings?

Spammy backlinks can negatively affect a website’s organic rankings by potentially leading to penalties or bans from search engines, as they are considered low-quality and manipulative tactics that violate search engine guidelines.


Why does SEO require continuous effort and adjustment?

SEO requires continuous effort and adjustment because search engines constantly update their algorithm, competition increases, and websitesundergo changes, requiring ongoing optimisation to stay competitive and relevant in search results.




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