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Align your SEO and Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We’re often asked if companies should use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Social Media Marketing (SMM) to grow their business online. Ultimately, search engine optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) are complimentary digital marketing tactics, that when combined, become very powerful allies. Here are a few tips to help align your SEO and Social Media Marketing strategies to achieve more online.

Align your SEO and SMM Content Strategies

Both SEO and Social Media marketing requires excellent content (copy, images, videos, etc). Start by aligning your social and SEO content creation strategies. An aligned content strategy will boost your SEO rankings and your social media reach (read more below).

Syndicate your Social Media content for SEO backlinks

External links from other websites to your website will boost its rankings in Google. Using your social media channels to broadcast your website’s content instantly opens it up to new readers who could share it further and link back to your website. Having an active social media profile also builds credibility, which in turn encourages people to share your content and link back to your website (assuming you post quality content).

Social Media content ranks in SEO

Google is not able to crawl the entire ‘social web’ though it does rank a vast amount of social media content and company profiles e.g. social media profiles are often near the top of the search results for companies and brand name searches. We recommend using a ‘Social SEO’ expert, like Clickthrough, to help set up, align and optimize your social media profile pages. Call one of our Social SEO experts on 021 344 050 or click here to discover how we can help you achieve more from your SEO and social media marketing strategy.

Video from Google on how social media signals influence Google Ranking Algorithms


How can I align my SEO and SMM strategies?

You can align your SEO and SMM strategies by creating consistent and high-quality content optimised for search engines, using relevant keywords and hashtags, and promoting your content across social media platforms to increase visibility and engagement.


Why is content important for both SEO and Social Media marketing?

Content is important for SEO and Social Media marketing because it helps attract and engage audiences, improves search engine rankings, and encourages social sharing and interaction.


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