Review Me Why Getting User Reviews For Your Business Is Important And How To Get Them

Review Me: Why Getting User Reviews for Your Business is Important – and How to Get Them

When you enjoy a meal at a restaurant, you’ll often find that a waiter or waitress will visit your table and ask how everything is. You might be halfway through swallowing a piece of steak, so the timing isn’t great, but you give them the feedback they’re asking for anyway.

Restauranteurs ask for that feedback because they want to make sure you are happy with the service and food they are providing. In the online world, though, reviews are a little more crucial. In written form, Facebook and Google reviews are not only relevant for finding out if people are happy, but are also helpful for your SEO.

The same concept applies to the restaurant scenario, though. If you want to find out how you’re doing, you have to ask. Read on to learn not only why Google and Facebook reviews are so important, but how you can get them.

How Do User Experiences Translate to SEO Benefits?

Okay, we’re not going to lie. It does seem a bit weird to think that a customer saying “they changed my car tyre fast” is going to draw visitors to your website or have any profound effect on your SEO. But you’d be surprised.

In the same way that backlinks tell Google you’re a trustworthy business, reviews tell customers and Google that you’re trustworthy, as well. Of course, the more positive the reviews, the more positively your business will be viewed.

You know your business is trustworthy already, though, so why bother fishing for reviews from customers? It’s important to understand just how powerful Google now is.

Up to 90 percent of consumers will read a review about a business before they visit it. Online reviews can also impact up to 70 percent of purchasing decisions. Still not convinced? Then how about knowing that nearly 75 percent of consumers say that a glowing review of a business will make them trust that business? Trust us; Google and Facebook reviews are the way of the future. So, are you in?

You’ve Convinced Me, Who Do I Ask to Give me a Review?

Hopefully, most people will be kind enough to give Google and Facebook reviews without being asked, but some people do need a prompt. However, it pays to be quite selective of who you ask if you want to show your business in the best light for SEO purposes.

For example, you possibly wouldn’t ask someone for a Google or Facebook review who has just yelled at you for not serving them right on closing time. You can certainly have confidence in asking someone for a review who was over the moon with the product and service you provided. Don’t feel the need to ask every single customer for a review, for it might not work in your favour.

How Do I Ask for Google and Facebook Reviews?

It can feel a little weird asking someone whether they like you or not. Fortunately, the digital age we live in means that it’s definitely a more widely accepted practice than it used to be. You don’t even need to ask them to their face.

It wasn’t all that long ago that the death of email was predicted, but we seem to have gone full circle. Now, it’s a goldmine for businesses to access their customers and provide tailored marketing solutions. Use it to ask for reviews.

When you send a product off to its new home, you want to make sure that the recipient is happy with it. Within a week, send a customised email out to thank them for their business, the purchase of X product, and a short message that says you hope they will visit again soon.

You can then provide a link to a reviewing platform – bet it Google or Facebook (or both) – asking them to review their experience with you if they get a chance.

Keep the email short and sweet. A novel won’t capture anyone’s attention, and it will most likely end up in the bin folder along with everything else.

If email contact isn’t applicable for your business (and it won’t be for all), then there are other ways to ask for Facebook and Google reviews. Leave a review card with their order that offers instructions on how to leave a review. You can also link your Google reviews to your website to encourage people to leave reviews of their own accord.

Alternatively, for larger purchases, you can make a phone call. Follow up to make sure they are happy with the product, then ask if they would be happy to leave a review online.

Reaping Review Rewards

Asking for reviews for your business isn’t hard work, but it can seem like yet another thing you’ve got to add to your ever-growing list of business tasks. But think of the payoff. The more people that leave positive reviews, the more trustworthy your business can be seen in the eyes of Google.

Your ranking on Google may even benefit as a result. So, what are you going to do the next time you deal with a particularly happy customer? You’re going to ask them to put that in writing.


How should you approach asking a happy customer for a review?

When approaching a particularly happy customer for a review, send a personalised email expressing gratitude for their business, mentioning the specific product or service they purchased, and kindly ask if they would be willing to share their experience by leaving a review on platforms like Google or Facebook.


How do customer reviews translate to SEO benefits?

Customer reviews can positively impact SEO by signalling to search engines that your business is trustworthy and reliable, potentially leading to higher rankings in search results.


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