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Website Copy WritersClickthrough provides expert web copywriting services to a premier list of Auckland, New Zealand and International companies. Web copywriting is an essential part of your online marketing success. The design of your website should create a great first impression with the copy closing the sale. Good web copy needs to both engage visitors and boost search engine rankings otherwise your marketing costs will rocket!

Expert Website & SEO Copy writers

Our team of professional in-house web copywriters, located in Auckland NZ, follows a unique methodology to deliver persuasive copy that appeals to your target audience, boosts SEO rankings, and improves your Google Ads Quality Score.

Copywriting Services

Your web copy needs to entice your target audience and boost your SEO rankings. Our in-house web copywriters enjoy creating custom website copy that sets you apart from competitors and boosts your SEO rankings. At Clickthrough we use a tried and trusted approach to writing web copy that includes:

  • website copy writing
  • SEO copy writing
  • copywriting for website landing pages
  • Google Ads copy writer services
  • eCommerce product rewrites
  • removing duplicate web copy and generating unique web copy
  • copy writing training
  • new website copy writing
  • content marketing copy (blogs, articles, etc)

Website Copy Writing Tips

Research by eConsultancy indicates the days of using keywords density (repetition of a target search term) to rank an article are over. Modern SEO copywriting is about putting time and effort into creating content that is genuinely valuable to the reader. Ultimately, Google and the other search engines want to rank web pages that have a higher probability of answering a users search query. Article copy should be unique, topical, engaging and readable.

Clickthrough Copy Writing Approach

  • write persuasive copy that appeals to your target audience then consider the search engines – a good user experience (UX) will impact how your article ranks in the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • don’t obsess about keywords – write naturally whilst ensuring you use keyword derivatives and similes of the search terms you want the article to rank for
  • write longer, more informative articles that engage the reader and helps them find answers to their search query
  • consider images and adding video to articles to drive user engagement and interactivity
  • backlinks are becoming less important – focus rather on the quality of your article content and the onpage optimisation of the article
  • social media copywriting to boost brand community engagement and online buzz
To learn more, call one of our online copywriters toll free on 0508 254-258. We’d love to help your business achieve more online.
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