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SEO training course

We founded our SEO training courses ten years ago to address the need for one-on-one in-person training that is customized to your companies requirements, rather than provide a one-size-fits-all approach.

Whether you are a company, an eCommerce store owner on platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce, a beginner or have advanced SEO skills and just need tips and quick advice, we will create a search engine optimisation course that perfectly suits your needs.

Our courses are hosted by experienced search engine tutors that will get you up to speed quickly on SEO and Google My Business (local search) best practices. Your “personal trainer” will also provide you with optimization tips and tricks you can apply immediately.

Highlights of our SEO Training approach

One-on-one Training

Your training will be run by a personal SEO trainer that is vastly experienced in search engine optimisation best practices.

Includes an SEO Audit

Your trainer will conduct an SEO audit of your website to help you understand best practices and provide you with tips and advice.

Follow up training and support

After your training, your personal SEO trainer will follow up with you to answer any further questions and to help you get started.

Courses in Auckland, Wellington & NZ wide

Come to our training facilities in Auckland or Wellington, or we’ll travel to you anywhere in New Zealand. 

Personal Training & Coaching

We provide in-person training and SEO coaching services. Our search engine optimization training courses are brimming with tips, tricks and recommendations you can implement immediately. 

With our coaching service, we allocate your company with a personal coach that mentors you over time, helping you build your skills and provide advisory support with the implementation of your search engine optimisation strategy. 

SEO Training Testimonials

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Fantastic training in SEO, AdWords and Social! We got a lot out of it, the training was interactive and fun, the trainers were extremely knowledgeable and easy to understand. Would highly recommend!
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My AdWords training went great! I absolutely achieved my training objectives – I can now go through our Google AdWords and I understand what I’m looking at and feel confident to start setting up some campaigns. I’d rate the course a 5I really liked how thorough the course was and how it breaks Google AdWords down into parts so it’s not as daunting. Overall I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot!
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I've worked with Glen and Clickthrough over the last 10 years and could not recommend him and his business highly enough. Glen and the team are professional, reliable and are experts in their field. They also provide an excellent group training service that has been well received by members of the Interactive Bureau of New Zealand.
Reach Media
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Four members of my team recently attended a training course @ Clickthrough. We were particularly pleased with the approachable nature of the trainers, the customised content and the interactive style of the course. Overall, we were very impressed.
Reach Media
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The training sessions were easy to grasp, practical and interactive. The audits, by our personal trainer, of our AdWords, Facebook and SEO campaigns helped us understand the theory and make immediate changes.

SEO Training Course Video

SEO Short Course Approach

  1. We start by assigning a “personal SEO trainer” to your account, based on our initial understanding of your training requirements.
  2. Your “personal trainer” then conducts a deeper interview with you to gain a thorough understanding of your specific training requirements.
  3. Following your interview, he prepares your customized training session, which he hosts in person, at your office anywhere in New Zealand or at our Auckland or Wellington training facility. As mentioned, your training session will be totally customized to your training requirements and the fundamentals for excellent search engine optimisation. Your training also includes an audit of your website against SEO best practices, and is brimming with practical tips, templates and guidelines that you can use straight away.
  4. After your training session, your trainer runs a follow up training session to help you embed your learning’s and guide you through any implementation questions. We also offer the option to buy more training time or implementation support if required.

What is the cost?

Each course is customized for your company, your skill level and the number of attendees from your business. Simply email [email protected] with a summary of your companies training requirements and we will contact you to discuss the options.

SEO Course Topics

Your organic SEO course will be customized to your skills and SEO best practice. Here’s a summary of the topics we typically cover on our SEO courses:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) versus other visitor sources
  • how the primary search engines work
  • the five fundamentals for great organic search rankings
  • the priorities for improving the SEO performance of your site (SEO audit included)
  • tracking the performance of your SEO strategy and your competitor rankings
  • effective SEO copy writing (free template included)
  • SEO on-page optimisation (free template included)
  • building a high trust, natural backlink profile
  • local search engine optimisation best practices, for ranking for local searches (e.g. “SEO Auckland”)
  • advanced SEO techniques e.g. AMPs, schema
  • Black Hat Vs White Hat SEO.
  • pitfalls to avoid getting your website penalised or banned
  • the key SEO myths that trick business owners

Training Course Locations: Auckland, Wellington, at your office

We run our SEO training courses throughout New Zealand. We can travel to your premises anywhere in New Zealand or run the short course from our modern SEO training facilities in Wellington, the PWC Centre in Auckland’s Viaduct or our training centre on Auckland’s North Shore. We have a range of training rooms that cater for one-on-one sessions, small groups and larger groups.

Attend the SEO training course if you…

  • Are sick and tired of not achieving the results you were promised.
  • Haven’t got the time to scour the web to teach yourself SEO.
  • Own or manage a website or eCommerce store, or are thinking of creating a new website.
  • Want to take your search rankings to the next level.
  • Want to get better results from your SEO company.

About Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

What is organic SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation (NZ spelling), also spelt Search Engine Optimization (USA spelling).

SEO is the process of getting traffic from the “organic” or “natural” search results on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Organic search also includes Google Maps, AKA Google local and Google My Business (GMB).

The major search engines in New Zealand are Google, Bing and Yahoo. They all have search results that contain links to web pages, video, local listings and paid listings (see Google Ads for more information). Recent research indicates that in NZ, Google has a 93% market share of searches, followed by Bing (4%) and Yahoo (1%).

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