Google Ads (AdWords) Certification Training

Google Ads Certification TrainingOver the past decade, we have developed a custom training module for professionals that want to become Google Ads (AdWords) certified and / or help their company earn the Google Partner or Premier Google Partner badge.

Our AdWords Certification course also provides attendees with the practical skills required to implement beginner to advanced AdWords programs. 

Your training will be hosted by a Google Ads Certified professional with extensive experience teaching and managing Google Ads and Google Shopping campaigns of all sizes. 

Training in Auckland, Wellington & NZ wide

Our Google Ads Certification training courses are run throughout NZ. We can also travel to your office or host the training at our facilities in Wellington and Auckland. 

Do we guarantee certification?

We don’t promise you will pass your Google AdWords Certification after attending your training with us. 

Ultimately, you need to take the certification exams through the Google Academy for Ads yourself. That said, your trainer will have extensive experience with the Google Certification exam and have years of experience working as a Google Certified AdWords professional. 

Bear in mind, you don’t need practical experience to gain AdWords certification. Certification is just the start of your journey towards becoming an AdWords expert.

Your training with us will provide you with practical tips and advice that will help you connect the dots between the theory of AdWords best practices and actually managing a Google Ads campaign properly. It should make you a better AdWords professional, not just help you become Google Ads Certified.

Training Testimonials

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Fantastic training in SEO, AdWords and Social! We got a lot out of it, the training was interactive and fun, the trainers were extremely knowledgeable and easy to understand. Would highly recommend!
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My AdWords training went great! I absolutely achieved my training objectives – I can now go through our Google AdWords and I understand what I’m looking at and feel confident to start setting up some campaigns. I’d rate the course a 5I really liked how thorough the course was and how it breaks Google AdWords down into parts so it’s not as daunting. Overall I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot!
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I've worked with Glen and Clickthrough over the last 10 years and could not recommend him and his business highly enough. Glen and the team are professional, reliable and are experts in their field. They also provide an excellent group training service that has been well received by members of the Interactive Bureau of New Zealand.
Reach Media
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Four members of my team recently attended a training course @ Clickthrough. We were particularly pleased with the approachable nature of the trainers, the customised content and the interactive style of the course. Overall, we were very impressed.
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The training sessions were easy to grasp, practical and interactive. The audits, by our personal trainer, of our AdWords, Facebook and SEO campaigns helped us understand the theory and make immediate changes.

Each Google Ads Certification training is tailored to your skill level and the certification level that you are trying to achieve. For example, a beginner trying to pass the Google Ads Fundamentals assessment requires more time than a more advanced digital marketer that already has experience running AdWords campaigns. 

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What is Google Ads Certification?

According to Google, “The Google Ads certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads. a Google Ads certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising. You can earn the certification through Academy for Ads, Google’s online training program.”

So you have decided you want to boost your credentials by becoming Google Ads Certified, now what?

Our trainers can guide you through the AdWords certification process, which typically follows this route.

Firstly, you set up an account with Google. Then you join Google’s Academy for Ads and connect your individual account with your company if you want to get it a credit toward Google Partners. Then you start preparing for your certification exam(s) by going through the learning content on Google’s Academy for Ads. Finally, you can take the fundamentals exam(s), though to become certified you must pass the Ads fundamentals exam and another product exam of your choice:

  • Search.
  • Display.
  • Mobile.
  • Video.
  • Shopping.

Becoming a Google Partner and Premier Partner

google premier partner training

Google Partners is a program for advertising professionals and third parties such as digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants who manage Google Ads for others e.g. Clickthrough is a Google Partner that manages Ads for a range of clients. 

Your company can ‘earn’ the Google Partner or Premier Google Partner badge by meeting certain requirements such as showing that employees at your company have passed assessments and certifications through Academy for Ads and have also met certain Google Ads spend thresholds, delivered revenue and client growth.

Your company can also earn specializations, which are displayed on your badge, such as Search advertising , Mobile advertising, Video advertising, Display advertising and Shopping advertising.

Why do I need additional training?

As mentioned, Google Ads Certification is just that, it’s a certificate. It does not mean you will have the practical skills required to become a great AdWords practitioner. And navigating the road towards certification on your own can be tricky and time consuming. 

Certification essentially shows your aptitude for the theory of managing Google AdWords, its like studying a text book towards an exam. Certification is a vital step, though it needs to be complimented by practical tips and advice, which our experts provide on our certification courses. 

Our certification course essentially saves you time and helps take you from being a scholar to becoming an AdWords certified practitioner.  

And not to worry, we also offer ongoing coaching services, for companies that want to continue to gain further Google certifications and boost the digital marketing skills of their employees.

How about SEO Certification?

At this stage, Google unfortunately does not offer ‘Google SEO Certification’, even though it is much needed. That said, you can attend our SEO training courses that specialise in helping companies embrace white hat SEO best practices that comply with Google’s Quality Guidelines for organic search. 

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