Social Media Training Courses

social media training autumn offerWant to quickly learn how to master social media marketing in 2019? Do you want to learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd on social media? Confused by all the conflicting views on ‘social media best practices’ and all the options: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, to name a few?

Clickthrough offers in-person Facebook and social media marketing training courses to companies in Auckland, Wellington and throughout NZ.

Our social media training courses, run by our expert social media marketing trainers, can help you give your social strategy the edge.

Social Media course Autumn offer

Book your Social Media Marketing course this Autumn (from Thursday the 21st of March till the Saturday the 21st of June, 2019) and get a whopping 15% discount. Don’t miss out, email [email protected] for more information about this special deal.

Social Media Course Approach

Our social media training sessions are run by social media tutors who are passionate about helping companies leverage their brand on social. Each course or training session can be completely tailored to your requirements e.g. focus on Facebook advertising, or take you through social media strategy, insights analysis, show you how to identify specific social media platforms, and what approach to take to be one step ahead of your competitors.

  • The training will be for your company only.  We will first interview you, then prepare a custom training module that matches your requirements.
  • The training will be in person (face to face), with one of our experienced Social Media Marketing tutors. It will be hosted at our Auckland or Wellington training centres, or we’ll come to you anywhere in New Zealand.
  • The training covers the fundamentals for successful Social Media Marketing and includes an audit of your Social Media Marketing strategy, with practical tips and techniques to improve performance.
  • The training includes follow-up raining with your designated social media trainer.

Social Media Course Topics

Our course typically covers the more popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. That said, your training can be customised to focus on particular social media platforms. Here’s a summary of the topics we typically cover on our social media courses:

  • how to use social media marketing alongside and instead of other visitor sources (e.g. SEO, email)
  • how to integrate social media into your marketing mix
  • how to select the best social media marketing platforms for your business
  • advice on selecting and retaining social media staff
  • best-practice approaches, real-time tips and ideas for social media advertising
  • setting up social media marketing advertising campaigns
  • writing your social media marketing content roadmap
  • how to create truly engaging content that your target market will love
  • how to measure ROI and the performance of your social media marketing activity
  • tailored topics that cover each platform e.g. Facebook, Instgram, LinkedIn.

Who should attend our social media course?

Our Social Media training courses are suitable for professional marketers, digital marketing agencies and website owners that want to learn how to get better results from social media. We don’t, at this stage, offer private training for students and individuals.

So how much does the social media course cost?

We don’t do a one-size-fits-all social media training course. Each course is customised to your requirements, skill level and the number of attendees from your company. Email [email protected] with information about your social media marketing training requirements and we’ll contact you to discuss your pricing options. 

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