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An SEO audit is not a score of your website against a checklist of factors. 

A website SEO audit (also known as a website SEO checker, website SEO report or SEO test) is a holistic process, undertaken by a search engine marketing expert, that defines short and long term opportunities to help you achieve your SEO goals and enhance the user experience (UX) of your website.   

It is the most important building block for achieving better long term results. 

SEO Checkups are just the start

The SEO audit is just a start. How you prioritise and implement the results from your checkup is what really counts. 

Also bear in mind, Google changes its search engine algorithm hundreds of times each year, which means your SEO company needs to audit your site frequently and adjust your SEO strategy to take advantage of any changes.

Option 1: DIY SEO Audit

If you are intent on running your SEO program in-house, then we suggest attending our SEO training courses to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation audit checkups and implementation best practices.

Option 2: Outsource your SEO Testing

With this option, you outsource the SEO strategy of your site to Clickthrough or another SEO agency. You can read more about our SEO audit process and our typical audit checklist below.

Clickthrough’s Five Step SEO Audit Checklist (2020)

Our SEO Audit process currently follows these five steps.

  • We review your SEO goals. We consider factors such as which locations you are targeting, your personas, competitor activity and target search terms.  
  • We conduct an ondeck audit. We determine key improvements that must be made to help your website achieve its SEO and design goals.  We consider factors such as technical and onpage SEO, mobile download speeds, your website design goals and the quality of your content.
  • We conduct an off-page SEO Audit. We audit offdeck SEO factors, such as the quality, quantity and relevancy of websites that link back to yours. You should read Google’s Quality Guidelines for link spam or this SEO blog about link spam, to better understand the risks associated with running afoul of Google’s link spam guidelines. 
  • We conduct an audit of your local search setup. We audit your Google My Business setup (aka Google Local or Google Maps) against a set of best practice factors. This part of the audit is crucial for businesses providing local services.
  • Finally, we set your SEO implementation roadmap. We consolidate the results  from points 1-4 above into a roadmap of activities prioritised into a list of quick wins and longer term priorities.