WordPress WooCommerce SEO Training Services

Clickthrough has been training owners of WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores since 2009.

Our expert SEO trainers will conduct a review of your website then provide one-on-one training, for your company only, with expert guides, tips and training material that will teach you how to get your website generating sales and leads from the organic search engine results pages.

WordPress WooCommerce SEO Training

Learn WordPress & WooCommerce SEO

Want to learn how to optimise your WordPress or WooCommerce store? WordPress is one of the most SEO friendly Content Management Systems (CMS) available, with a range of built in SEO features that can be further enhanced by using free and paid SEO plugins, such as the Yoast SEO plugin. WordPress also has an intuitive content publishing feature that allows you to publish SEO friendly content.

Learn SEO Tips such as these…

Here’s a quick list of tips you should be aware of when optimizing your WordPress Website for SEO:

  • WordPress can suffer from slow load times, click here to test the speed of your WordPress website then contact one of our WordPress SEO trainers if your site speed scores less than 75%.
  • Don’t obsess with trying to improve the percentage of times your target keyword appears on a page, rather focus on what you believe the user wants to read.
  • Ensure you keep your plugins and theme up to date.
  • Beware of viruses and malware, or your WordPress website may get removed from the SEO rankings.
  • Some of the WordPress plugins can cause page duplication and canonicalization issue.

WordPress & WooCommerce Training Services

Clickthrough offers a range of expert WordPress & WooCommerce SEO training services such as the following

  • how to define the keyword targets for your WordPress website
  • installing and using key SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO
  • how to run an SEO audits with recommendations
  • creating user friendly content that also helps boost organic rankings
  • improving your site’s technical and onpage optimisation
  • how to setup WordPress analytics
  • how to improve the speed of your website or online store

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