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SEO Auckland Services AgencyWant to beat your competitors to the top of the SEO Auckland results and stay there? Look no further, generating search engine leads from Aucklanders is our speciality. Our Auckland SEO services team has an unmatched capability for helping local Auckland companies and eCommerce stores get to the top of the organic and local Maps rankings and stay there.

Over the past 10 years, we have built a reputation for being an Auckland SEO agency that achieves excellent organic search results, using a client-led approach and tactics that comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines for organic search.

Client-first Auckland SEO Services

The Clickthrough SEO team applies a client-first approach to create a custom SEO services strategy that will boost your bottom line. We don’t just come up with a list of random keywords and stuff them into your website! We start by studying your company, your brand, your market and your target audience, then create a custom SEO strategy that brings the right visitors to your business.

Auckland’s SEO Experts

We have developed an unmatched range of SEO solutions for the Auckland SEO market. See our comprehensive list of SEO services below or email one of our local Auckland SEO experts at [email protected] to start your journey towards generating a regular flow of sales or inquiries from Aucklanders.

Clickthrough SEO Services

  • penalty removal services
  • SEO Audits and gap analysis
  • landing page creation to boost SEO and AdWords performance
  • Copy by Kiwi SEO writers
  • SEO onpage optimisation (optimization)
  • Local search engine optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • SEO content marketing services
  • Keywords Search Terms analysis
  • Content gap analysis
  • SEO YouTube video optimisation
  • SEO performance reporting
  • SEO training courses
  • eCommerce SEO services
  • Get more information on our Auckland AdWords services

Important SEO Tips

Here’s a quick list of tips you need to consider when optimising your website to rank in the NZ SEO and Auckland organic search engine results pages.

Onpage SEO Factors 
  • optimise your local SEO profile with relevant local Auckland and New Zealand SEO terms and local directories
  • ensure key pages on your website are tagged for relevant Auckland and SEO NZ terms
  • ensure to target search terms that generate commercial searches
  • infuse your web copy with your target search terms, though ensure your web copy still reads well
Offpage SEO Factors 
  • create excellent content that generates referral links from local websites, not offshore websites
  • don’t buy links, they are like steroids that may get your site banned

About SEO Audits for sites & eCommerce Stores

A website SEO audit is a critical building block for achieving more from your SEO strategy. An SEO audit considers your website holistically, ensuring technical, design and content efforts are channelled to meet your SEO goals.

Avoid Free SEO Audits

The industry is plagued with free SEO audits as a sales prospecting tactic. Always ask if the SEO audit will be done manually and which factors will be reviewed. Be sure to ask the SEO agency running the audit how they intend implementing the results. Will they implement the recommendations of the SEO audit or will you have to ask your web developer to make the changes? Consider attending our Auckland SEO training courses to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation audits and best practices. 

Key SEO Audit Factors 

Whether your’re targeting Aucklanders or a NZ wide SEO strategy, an SEO Audit has two key parts: an in-depth SEO review of the ondeck factors of your website and a review of its off-deck SEO factors (AKA, link building).

  • Ondeck SEO Audit. Onpage factors are those that can be changed on the website itself. Onpage SEO factors include the quality of your content, your website usability and download speeds, your local search setup, how the website is tagged for the primary NZ search engines and a raft of other SEO factors, such as content indexation, your hosting environment, your website versioning and how mobile friendly your website is.
  • Off-page SEO Audit. Offdeck SEO factors are those that are not part of the website. Offdeck SEO factors mostly focus on the the quality, quantity and relevancy of websites that link back to yours over time. You should read Google’s Quality Guidelines for link spam to better understand the risks associated with running afoul of its backlink guidelines. Your off-deck SEO audit should review your website’s backlink profile and SEO trusts scores and identify any negative SEO patterns that may lead to an organic SEO rankings penalty. 

eCommerce SEO tips

Optimizing an NZ ecommerce website to rank well in the organic search results requires constant analysis and implementation. Our team of ecommerce SEO experts will constantly monitor and adjust your SEO strategy into what is working best for the latest round of algorithm changes. Here’s a list of fundamental ecommerce SEO tactics that will help your online store achieve more.

  • Rewrite product listings to be unique, keywords rich and persuasive. This takes specialist NZ SEO support, but will generate better SEO results.
  • Use rich snippets that help the NZ search engine spiders comprehend what your pages are trying to rank for.
  • SEO your webstore pages for keywords that deliver the most sales. Bear in mind, a high percentage of your sales will come from long tail descriptive searches (e.g. Auckland SEO services agency) versus generic terms (e.g. Auckland SEO).
  • Image search is becoming quite important, so don’t forget to SEO your product images. 
  • Actively harvest user generated reviews to boost the SEO rankings of your online store and conversion rates from Googlers. 

To learn more, call one of our Auckland SEO experts toll free on 0508 254-258. We’d love to help your website or eCommerce store achieve better organic search engine rankings results.

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