Social Media

Auckland Social Media Agency

At Clickthrough we follow the AIDA principal: use the right social media tools to build attention, interest, desire and action (conversions to your business goals). We won’t waste your time with futuristic views on the latest fad. Our expertise rests in integrating the right social media tools (Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc) to help your business achieve more online.



Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is a program, not a project. It requires on-going commitment; don't get caught out by the promise that everything will 'go social' and your marketing answers will be solved. Social media marketing requires on-going, dedicated support. Here's a list of the key social media marketing services we offer:

  • the design of social media marketing strategies
  • social media platform setup
  • social media management (posting, responding)
  • setting up social media communication tools
  • social media content marketing and link baiting
  • social media performance reporting
  • NZ and international viral marketing services
  • video creation and video seeding (YouTube)
  • Video optimization for SEO

To learn more, call one of our Social Media Marketing experts toll free on 0508 254-258 or learn more at one of our social media marketing courses. We'd love to help your business achieve more online.