Email (EDM) Marketing Agency

Email Marketing MailchimpAt Clickthrough we follow the AIDA principal: use the right social media tools to build attention, interest, desire and action (conversions to your business goals). We won’t waste your time with futuristic views on the latest fad. Our expertise rests in integrating the right social media tools (Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc) to help your business achieve more online.

EDM Services

We are New Zealand MailChimp experts, though are more than happy to support other email services. Here’s a list of the key EDM services we offer:
  • how to build email lists with custom sign up forms (website, Facebook page, device, etc)
  • email service selection
  • email marketing campaign setup
  • custom email design
  • template creation using custom templates and existing designs
  • email training (Mailchimp)
  • email development
  • sending campaigns (full service)
  • setting email campaign goals and tracking email campaign performance
  • integrating email with sales automation and CRM solutions

To learn more, call one of our email marketing experts toll free on 0508 254-258. We’d love to help your company achieve more online.

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