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SEO Audit Questions

How is your SEO program performing?Have you noticed a recent drop in performance? Are your competitors out ranking your website?
Do you have any concerns with your existing SEO strategy?Please provide. 
What SEO work has been done? Please provide a summary, including dates if you have and who did the work. 
What are your SEO goals?What do you want to achieve with your organic search program? More leads, rankings, sales?
Which search terms do you want to rank for? Please provide your target keywords / search terms.
Which locations do you target? Do you use Google Maps to target local searches?Please provide.
How do you track the performance of your SEO program?Such as Google Analytics or other.
Who are you targeting with your SEO strategy?What are your key products and who are they targeting? Please also list your main competitors.
What digital marketing work have you done?How much do you spend per month? What digital marketing activities do you use?
Other information:Please provide any other information you think we may need to be aware of.