SEO Auckland Services Company

Are you looking for a local Auckland SEO company that can generate an endless flow of value into your business? Here’s what you’ll get:

  • a local SEO services company that gets you to the top
  • 11 years of expertise at generating quick, sustainable results
  • experts at local, services and eCommerce search engine marketing
SEO Auckland Services Company

It’s not enough to have a website and hope that people will visit it. You need an expert SEO optimisation strategy to get your business to the top of the natural search engine results pages. Clickthrough’s search engine marketing (SEM) services can certainly help.

Since 2009, we’ve prided ourselves on being able to help web stores and businesses in Auckland and further afield achieve outstanding results online.

We are also adept at implementing a variety of cutting edge best practice organic search techniques across many content management platforms.

Whether your web store or business uses Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, Silverstripe or something else, our search marketing experts can help. Our team can optimise your current setup or engage with your development partners for a brand new approach.

With offices in Auckland City and the North Shore of Auckland (and Wellington), we go the extra mile to support local Auckland businesses. 

Tips to rank for Auckland search terms

While we encourage all business owners to get in touch for tailored advice from our search engine ranking experts, we’ve also got two simple tips for those who want to have a go at improving the optimisation of their business themselves.

Tip 1: For starters, put your search term into Google, along with the location your service targets (Auckland, Takapuna, Albany, Auckland City, West Auckland, etc). For example (see image below), we would test our own rankings by searching for “Auckland SEO Services” or “SEO Auckland experts”. 

Now, establish whether Google ranks your website or a competitors website in Google Maps, its standard search results pages, or both. Ideally, if you are offering services that target Aucklanders, then your website should rank prominently in both. 

Clickthrough SEO Auckland

Tip 2: Keep your website content local as part of your web page optimisation strategy. Hyper local is even better – being specific with your location helps establish your authority in a particular location with Google. Doing so will help attract valuable local leads. 

That said, Auckland has around 200,000 business locations, but you can stand out from the crowd with clever, yet simple, local optimisation techniques. Let us know if one of our natural search engine ranking experts can help with that.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of helping a website and, if required, the local Google Maps listing of a business, rank better in the organic search engine results pages (SERPs). This is in contrast to Google Ads, which is considered to be a “paid” form of search engine marketing.

What is SEO?

How long will it take to get search engine results?

We live in a would of instantaneous gratuity where everything needs to happen immediately, including results. However, we liken SEO to a marathon, more than a sprint, where you get results for continuous effort. Even AdWords takes ongoing nurturing.

Consider the following points before you decide if an organic search engine optimisation program is right for your business.

Which search terms are you targeting? Are you operating in a highly competitive industry? Case in point, ranking for highly competitive search terms takes a lot more effort than targeting lower volume, less competitive search terms

Over 70% of clicks from the search engines come from organic search, not paid search (AdWords).  But like all important sales tools, it takes constant time and effort to get a website to the top of the organic search engine results pages and stay there. 

The days of using aggressive SEO tactics, such as keywords stuffing and buying excessive amounts of backlinks, are thankfully long gone. A modern SEO strategy requires regular amounts of excellent content, white hat link building and a focus on also improving the user experience (UX). Modern day search engine optimisation is a lot more labor intensive and costly to get right. Though the upside can be sensational.   

The constant updates by search engines like Google, also ensure search engine optimisation remains a marathon, a battle against the SEO elements, to stay ahead of the game. A challenge we thoroughly enjoy!

How do I measure search results?

With 80% of Aucklanders using a search engine before they buy, SEO is now established as a key tactic for generating results.

Here are a few tips to measure the effectiveness of your natural search program:

The goal of an SEO program is to generate click throughs from a search engine to your website or eCommerce store. The user then has to decide if they want to make a purchase or contact you. As such, it is of vital importance that you also measure how well conversion related tactics are complimenting your SEO campaign. For example, heatmap tracking shows you what improvements need to be made to your web pages to convert more visitors from the search engines to sales. 

Tracking organic rankings is key, especially when you group them into similar terms. Also benchmark your terms against competitors. Grouping similar terms allows you to pinpoint where your rankings are growing or in decline. 

Remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Regular technical and onpage analysis of your SEO strategy is vital, especially when using open source CMS systems that can be buggy. So run an SEO audit of your strategy an a regular basis. 

Ensure you analyse the backlink profile of your website. Unfortunately, linkspam and negative SEO tactics are now the norm in New Zealand. And its your company that gets penalised, not your SEO services provider, so run your own diligence and keep an eye on metrics such as your SEO trust score and monitor for spikes in referring domains and backlinks. 

Tips to select the best SEO & SEM Agency

Choosing the best SEO & Google Ads agency to match your needs is a critical yet complex decision. Read our blog article or the following to guide your decision making:

Do you need an eCommerce SEO or Google Shopping specialist, or are you looking for an SEO agency to optimise your brand, local services or company website? Bear in mind, Search engine optimisation & PPC marketing has become very specialist.

Do you need a large corporate SEO/SEM services provider, a boutique provider or a contract AdWords or SEO expert? Your decision should be guided by:

  • the level of risk you want to take e.g. a contract SEO expert would be higher risk 
  • whether or not you want to be a key client e.g. most boutique providers don’t take on clients that compete
  • if you want to be part of a diverse client portfolio e.g. a corporate SEO provider with a large client portfolio

What are the primary SEO or Google Ads issues that need to be addressed and how these map to the competencies of the companies you are considering? For example, if your main requirement is for technical SEO services, then select an SEO agency that is strong in technical SEO. 

Does the SEO provider use a white hat SEO approach, do they outsource their SEO to an offshore provider that uses a more aggressive and risky approach?

Can the agency walk the talk? For example, if you Google key local search terms like SEO Auckland or SEO Wellington, you will want to the SEO agencies website ranked at the top.

How much does it cost?

Search Engine Optimisation is dynamic with many moving parts that can be beyond the control of your SEO Agency (e.g. Google Updates), which makes pricing an SEO project quite tough. Nonetheless, here are a few tips to guide how much money you should spend on your organic search program and how to discern between the various SEO pricing options:

Step 1

Start by setting your program goals. Ask your search marketing partner to benchmark performance, then forecast your SEO & Google Ads goals for the next 12 months. An example goal may be to increase sales from SEO by 45%. Be sure to set short (e.g. 3 month), medium term (6 month) and long term goals that help you understand if the program is on track.  

Step 2

When you set your SEO goals, ensure your SEO company takes into account market factors such as the competitiveness of the search terms you are targeting with a SWOT analytics of your key competitors. Also ensure they conduct a detailed SEO audit of your domain and provide you with an initial roadmap of SEO activities, with pricing. 

Step 3

Once you’ve set your goals, ask your agency to propose a plan with pricing to achieve those goals. Also be sure to ask which SEO services are included in their budget and which services are additional. For example website copy writing, onpage implementation and listing fees. 

Our Auckland Office Locations

Clickthrough services its Auckland clients from offices in Auckland city, Albany and Orewa. That said, most of our clients prefer to meet online using video and screen share technology these days. 

North Shore, Albany

1/15 William Pickering Dr, Rosedale, Auckland 0632, New Zealand.

(p): 09-972 9524

(e): [email protected]

Auckland City

Level 27, PWC Tower, 188 Quay Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand.

(p): 09-972 9524

(e): [email protected]

Orewa, Hibiscus Coast

Unit W, 8 Moana Avenue, Stanmore Bay, Orewa, Auckland 0931.

(p): 09-972 9524

(e): [email protected]

Recent Testimonials

Owner @ Firefly Photography
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I approached Clickthrough and a number of other agencies when I made the decision to improve the SEO standing of my business' website. Months later I could not be happier with my decision. I have found Glen to be consistently easy to work with and completely honest and upfront. The process we followed was well explained and executed as promised. The SEO industry is so full of doubtful claims and shoddy practices. I am exceedingly grateful to have found a reputable, friendly and knowledgeable company to work with going forward.
Give Plants
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We have been with Clickthrough for over a year now with our eCommerce store. I am impressed with their strategy, transparency and reporting, their ethical approach and most of all the results we have achieved. Return on Investment is the key for us ensuring we get a meaningful return and we can attribute 50% growth from this engagement in one of the most competitive categories. They are a specialist boutique provider and most importantly for us they don’t work with any of our competitors.
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Given my experience in SEO marketing, I was wary about the "Google Hacking" SEO tricks. I chose Clickthrough after extensively researching their methods and can assure you this is e-Commerce SEO at it's core framework. We have seen great, long lasting results and will continue to work with Clickthrough because they are just that good!
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We have used Clickthrough for a number of years. They are fabulous to work with and have improved our results considerably using ethical search engine marketing practices. I have no hesitation recommending Clickthrough, love their work!
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Fantastic training in SEO, AdWords and Social! We got a lot out of it, the training was interactive and fun, the trainers were extremely knowledgeable and easy to understand. Would highly recommend!
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My AdWords training went great! I absolutely achieved my training objectives – I can now go through our Google AdWords and I understand what I’m looking at and feel confident to start setting up some campaigns. I’d rate the course a 5I really liked how thorough the course was and how it breaks Google AdWords down into parts so it’s not as daunting. Overall I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot!
Quad Consulting
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I've worked with Glen and Clickthrough over the last 10 years and could not recommend him and his business highly enough. Glen and the team are professional, reliable and are experts in their field. They also provide an excellent group training service that has been well received by members of the Interactive Bureau of New Zealand.
Hibiscus Water
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Clickthrough got our new water delivery website ranking at the top of Google in no time at all and it stayed like that forever. The site ranks so well we stopped our AdWords!
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We have worked with Clickthrough for many years. They restored our faith in search engine companies by partnering closely with our business, being responsive to our needs and consistently building our sales pipeline using recognised SEO and AdWords techniques.
All Things Copper
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I was very disappointed after my last SEO company took a lot of money to spam my site with back links. The team at Clickthrough rebuilt my faith in search engine companies. They used smart SEO & AdWords techniques that led to an immediate sales uplift.

Watch our SEO Services Video

Pictures from our Auckland offices

We are proud to be an SEO consultancy that our clients have enjoyed working with since 2009. You can click here to view some of our most recent testimonials.

Clients that reach out to us for SEO optimisation and other Auckland services get to enjoy:

  • A dedicated and experienced services manager
  • Tailored and customised performance reports
  • Work-in-progress (WIP) meetings to discuss performance, your competitors, business changes, and what we have delivered to date

We always ask our clients why they chose us, as we want to make sure we can always provide unparalleled service to those who require it. This is what those clients have to say:

  • We’re a boutique SEO consultancy that focuses on quality over quantity
  • We have a dedicated and valuable team of SEO optimisation experts
  • We use Google-endorsed best practices to build your asset and achieve consistent growth
  • We can advise then implement for a fuss-free approach
  • While we provide SEO optimisation, we also offer training courses for SEO, Google ads, in-house analytics reporting, social media marketing, and more

Every business is unique and has different needs. Therefore, we don’t offer packages for Google Ads or SEO. We tailor a solution to your unique business, not everyone else’s.

Once you contact us, we will put together a customised plan and costings based on your current setup and future SEO optimisation goals.

Our SEO consultancy will never guarantee search engine rankings for the following reasons.

  1. Google and even some other search engines forbid the offering of performance guarantees. (Find out more here.)
  2. A performance guarantee can lead to long-term damage due to unethical practices and over-SEO optimisation.
  3. SEO is about more than rankings. It’s about ensuring all parts of your business work together in the digital world for achieving online sales and enquiries.

We know it can be hard to wait, but good things take time. Within one month of using Google Ads, PPC, and paid searches, you can see results.

With SEO optimisation, it can take around three months with better content and improved user experiences for ranking results and site conversations to develop. These timeframes can differ depending on your account management before an SEO consultancy took over.

There is a myriad of different reasons why SEO and Google Ads are integral components of your marketing package. You can find out more about them here.

Search is paramount because customers like to search for something before they buy it. The more information you have, and the better your SEO optimisation, the easier it is for your customers to find you and not your competitor.


SEO is essentially about getting all your digital ducks in a row. An SEO consultancy can work with you to improve your copy, blogs, images, video, on and off-page SEO components, and technical features of your website.

By doing so, they can provide the right foundation for better search engine rankings, which can ultimately lead to more sales and page enquiries.

FAQ What is SEO?

SEO can be split into two categories: White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. White Hat SEO follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and is the form our SEO consultancy uses.

Black Hat, on the other hand, uses trickery, manipulation, and deceit to deliver short term results. While you might see results briefly, such an SEO type can destroy your website’s credibility and value before leading to a search engine ban or penalty.

By using White Hat SEO services from a reputable SEO consultancy in Auckland, you can enjoy:

  • Consistent results
  • An asset, rather than a liability
  • A more enjoyable user experience
  • No risks of being banned
  • No Google update impacts