eCommerce SEO & Google Shopping Specialists

Since 2009 we have built an extensive eCommerce SEO & Google Shopping capability, across a variety of web store platforms, such as Magento® 2, Shopify®, WooCommerce and BigCommerce®. Here’s what you get when you work with us:

eCommerce SEO

SEO & Google Shopping work well together

Google has two separate algorithms for SEO and Shopping. That said, Google Shopping management and search engine optimisation share many similarities.

For example, we’ve found eCommerce SEO tactics, such as the following, also boost Google Shopping campaign performance: 

  • improving the load speed of a page
  • improving the usability of the page, to drive better conversion rates
  • tagging product images correctly
  • getting user reviews of the product
  • writing descriptive product titles that appeal to your target audience
  • creating persuasive content

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Client Reviews

Some of our eCommerce clients have achieved double digit revenue growth within months. Email [email protected] for a confidential chat on how we can help your business do the same. 

Cody, Vapourium
Cody, Vapourium
Chief Operating Officer
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Given my experience in SEO marketing, I was wary about the "Google Hacking" SEO tricks. I chose Clickthrough after extensively researching their methods and can assure you this is e-Commerce SEO at it's core framework. We have seen great, long lasting results and will continue to work with Clickthrough because they are just that good!
Jerrod Griffith
Jerrod Griffith
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We have been with Clickthrough for over a year now with our eCommerce store. I am impressed with their strategy, transparency and reporting, their ethical approach and most of all the results we have achieved. Return on Investment is the key for us ensuring we get a meaningful return and we can attribute 50% growth from this engagement in one of the most competitive categories. They are a specialist boutique provider and most importantly for us they don’t work with any of our competitors.
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I was very disappointed after my last SEO company took a lot of money to spam my site with back links. The team at Clickthrough rebuilt my faith in search engine companies. They used smart SEO & AdWords techniques that led to an immediate sales uplift.


Shopify®, Magento® 2.0, WooCommerce & BigCommerce® SEO Agency


We have over 11 years of experience optimizing a variety of  platforms such as Shopify®Magento 2®, WooCommerce and BigCommerce®. We know what can and can’t be SEO’d, how to implement our recommendations efficiently and how to setup an insightful analytics tracking solution.  

General SEO tips for your online store

Here’s a list of generic SEO principles that will help your online store achieve better, more consistent results.

  • Rewrite product listings to be unique, keywords rich and persuasive. This takes specialist copy writing and SEO analysis, but will generate great clicks.
  • Use rich snippets that help the NZ search engine spiders comprehend what your pages are trying to rank for.
  • SEO your webstore pages for keywords that deliver the most sales. Bear in mind, a high percentage of your sales will come from long tail descriptive searches (e.g. Shopify eCommerce SEO experts) versus generic terms (e.g. SEO).
  • Image search is becoming quite important, so don’t forget to SEO your product images. 
  • Actively harvest user generated reviews to boost the SEO rankings of your online store and conversion rates from Googlers.