New Google Algorithm update from 25th June 2017?

New Google Algorithm update from 25th June 2017?

There’s a lot of chatter doing the rounds in the New Zealand SEO industry about a major Google Algorithm update, being rolled out since Sunday June 25th, 2017. Google traditionally neither denies nor confirms it’s major updates, though industry chatter indicates a major update is brewing.

What to do after a Google update?

  • check your organic rankings for a breadth of keywords that you target
  • check your impression share in Google Search Console or another rank tracking tool, look for sudden drops or gains
  • check your competitor rankings, see if they have lost or gained
  • don’t panic; sometimes rankings fluctuate during an update then settle after a week or so

Which websites are typically impacted by a Google update?

  • websites with low quality copy e.g. websites that duplicate or scrape copy from other websites
  • websites that use illicit link building strategies (these websites get hit the most), click here to read more
  • websites that provide a poor user experience and load slowly (test your website load speed here)
  • websites that are not mobile friendly

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