26 Apr 2018

Google Mobile Speed Update in July 2018

Google Mobile Speed Update in July 2018

It’s official, the Google 'Speed Update' that industry experts have been expecting for a while has been announced. As of July 2018, Google will be using mobile page speed as a ranking factor when working out mobile search results.

Studies show that when we go online we really do pay attention to the speed of a page. We all want answers to our questions quickly. And any modern day marketer understands how critical it is to have fast web interactions no matter what industry sector you are in. We want information, answers to our queries, to buy or to pay our bills online quickly, and if load speeds are too slow we shut the page down and move on.

Google 'Speed Update', July 2018

Load speed has been used by Google as a ranking factor for a while, but up until now that has been concentrated on desktop searches. July 2018 will now see Google using page speed as a ranking factor for mobile searches as well. This aptly named “Speed Update” will mostly have an effect on those pages that are very slow, and will be rolled out across the web regardless of the technology used to build the page.

Although mobile page speeds are increasing, the average time taken to fully load a mobile landing page is hovering at around fifteen seconds, which industry experts reckon is still too long considering that over half of those visiting mobile sites will leave that page of it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

Better Results, Lower Cost

A faster mobile site doesn’t only lead to happier users, the latest research indicates that quicker site speeds also lower operating costs. For example, a fast site enables customers to self serve online rather than call your business for an answer, which can save you time and money.

This “Speed Update” is part of Google’s push to get web owners to think about how performance shapes a user’s experience. Remember, a quality performance equals a quality experience which creates better results.

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