30 Jan 2017

Content is King, Technical SEO is the castle

Content is King, Technical SEO is the castle

The five complimentary building blocks for successful SEO are:

  1. the quality of your site's content (words, videos, images)
  2. the quantity and quality of websites that link back to yours (read our previous article about backlinks here)
  3. the design of your website (load speed, user experience, etc)
  4. the onpage optimization of your site (how well your content is optimized for its target search terms)
  5. the technical SEO of your site (how well search engines can crawl and index your content)

SEO companies emphasize the importance of the quality of your website's content a great deal. Content is most definitely king. However, if search engines can't crawl and thus index your content then your site will be severely hampered from ranking well. In other words, the technical SEO of your site should be the castle upon which the foundation of your SEO strategy is built.

Do technical SEO during a redesign

If you are deciding to redesign your website, then we strongly advise you hire a technical SEO company during the redevelopment phase, or as most often happens, you will spend a lot of time and money trying to fix the technical SEO aspects of your new website after it launches. You may even have to redesign the site again and spend a fortune trying to make up the SEO shortfall until your rankings recover!

For more information, call one of our technical SEO experts on 0508 254-258 or click here to find out how we can integrate best-in-class technical SEO into your website.