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Clickthrough is an Auckland SEO Services Company providing expert search engine optimisation (SEO) services to a range of  Auckland, NZ and overseas companies. Our SEO services team in Auckland have a proud record of exceeding our client's expectations and setting the NZ search engine optimization benchmark when it comes to applying sustainable SEO results.                 


SEO Auckland or Auckland SEO

Are your web pages targeting the best SEO terms and combinations? For example, the SEO term 'SEO Auckland' generates 750 monthly searches through Google NZ, whereas 'Auckland SEO' only generates 90 searches. Targeting the optimal set of search term combinations is crucial. Contact our SEO team for an assessment of how accurate your website SEO targeting is. 


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A NZ SEO Company that implements!

No more chasing your web developer to get SEO tasks implemented! Ranking well in the Auckland & NZ search engine results pages (SERPS) requires thorough SEO analysis and expert implementation. We won't present your web developers with a list of SEO tasks to implement. Our Auckland based NZ SEO team can implement our search engine optimization suggestions through our SEO savvy web design, copy and web development team, it's as easy as that! See some of our recent SEO results below.


Clickthrough Organic SEO Services

We provide a world-class organic SEO and AdWords service that will ramp-up lead enquiries, regardless of whether you own an eCommerce or services website. We even offer an established SEO and Paid Search Marketing short course for those of you that want to learn more.


- SEO Rankings Recovery & Google Penalty Removal Services.
- Onpage and Off-page SEO audits (see below)
- Landing Page Design to improve Quality Score and SEO conversions
- Competitor SEO audits and profiling
- Google Quality Score Optimisation
- Paid Search Set-up, Management & Reporting (CPC, CPA, CPL)
- SEO Copywriting Services
- SEO Onpage Optimisation (Optimization)
- Local search optimisation
- SEO Crawlability and Content Indexation Improvement
- Content Marketing tactics such asInfographics, Article Writing, Press Release Management, etc
- Keywords Search Terms Blueprinting and Content Gap Analysis
- Onpage Video Optimisation
- Google Analytics Setup
- SEO & AdWords training


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Is your Website Google SEO Compliant?  Get an SEO Audit

Watch this video by Google on its SEO Quality Guidelines, or call us on 0508 254 258 to chat about our SEO audit service and getting your website SEO compliant and ranking above your competitors.

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Clickthrough SEO Audit Services

A website SEO audit is a critical building block for getting more leads from organic search. An SEO audit considers your website holistically, ensuring technical, design and content efforts are channelled to meet your SEO goals. 

Beware of Free SEO Audits

Many SEO audits are offered for free as a sales prospecting tactic. These SEO companies often use SEO software to run free, automated SEO audits. You can even get a free SEO audit on your smart phone these days! Be careful of heeding the advice of a free SEO audit. Always ask if the SEO audit will be done manually and which factors will be reviewed. Also bear in mind SEO Audits are most often presented as a technical list of changes that your developer, designer and copywriter then has to implement.  This creates additional cost and complexity  for you to manage. So be sure to ask the SEO company running the audit how they intend implementing the results. Will they implement the recommendations of the SEO audit or will you have to ask your web developer to make the changes?  


Clickthrough has an in-house SEO, web design, copy writing and web development team. This means we're able to implement our SEO audit suggestions on your behalf or work closely with your developers to help get the job done.


A Website SEO Audit has 2 Parts

A Professional SEO audit is divided into an in-depth review of the onpage factors of your website (also known as ondeck SEO factors) and a review of off-deck SEO factors.

Onpage SEO Audit

An SEO audit is usually divided into a review of the onpage factors of your website, also known as ondeck SEO factors. Onpage factors are those that can be changed on the website itself. Onpage SEO factors include the quality of your content, your website usability and download speeds, your local search setup, how the website is tagged for the primary search engines and a raft of other SEO factors, such as content indexation, your hosting environment, your website versioning and how mobile friendly your website is.   


Off-page SEO Audit

Offdeck SEO factors are those that are not part of the website. Offdeck SEO factors mostly focus on the the quality, quantity and relevancy of websites that link back to yours. You should read Google's Quality Guidelines for link spam to better understand the risks associated with running afoul of its backlink guidelines. Your off-deck SEO audit should review your website's backlink profile and SEO trusts scores and identify any negative SEO patterns that may lead to an organic SEO rankings penalty or a sudden drop in rankings in the search results pages (SERPs).


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